Spotting and CD1? Newbie in need of advice!


Sorry if this post is a bit TMI but I could really use some advice!

I had my implant taken out on Tuesday, which conicided with the first signs of AF (spotting / very light flow of 'old' blood). AF duly came full flow the next day, as is normal for me - I always get brownish spotting / bleeding the day before full (red) flow.

I had somehow been under the impression that CD1 was counted as the first day of 'proper' flow / red blood. However, I have just signed up for Fertility Friend to help me keep track of things and when I entered the fact that I had 'spotting' on Tuesday 9th, it counted this as CD1. This has confused me! :\?

It probably isn't too relevant for this cycle as it isn't really a proper AF (due to the fact that it started before the implant came out and therefore I wouldn't have ov'd in the run up to it). So I am still waiting for my first ov and 'real' AF afterwards. But it would be really helpful for my next AF if anyone can advise me which day to count as CD1!

Thanks and hope all of the above makes sense - my brain is still grappling with it all! :lol:

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