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Have now been to the docs so wanted to update you as promised! He has prescribed me with progesterone (sp?) tablets which I have to take for 7 days and they should force my period (today is cd85). He asked if I'd taken tests and last one was about a week ago so he said I wasn't pg. I explained that I heard of people needing a blood test for a +ve to show but he said that the hpt's would be right and I'm not pg (I knew he'd say that). So I am going to take my last hpt tomorrow and assuming it's -ve then I'm going to start the tablets. I really don't think I am pg anyway and don't even think I O, just would have liked the blood test anyway. Just going to forget about that now though and go with the hpt's.

Has anyone taking these tablets to force af? Did it work and was af very different? Main Q - what happened on your next cycle???? If after the week of tablets and a week later still no af then back to docs. If it works and the following cycle is over 45 days then back to docs and referred to gyno. At least I have a plan to work now.

Next Q (sorry ladies), I was planning to start a.c on my next cycle, should I leave it to nature instead and get referred to gyno?? I know it's no big deal but maybe it could be better to leave it and see what my body would do after the progesterone etc??? Was also going to up dose of epo, should I wait till after that next cycle too?

Sorry for the long post and all the Q's but you ladies are always so helpful and I need your opinions!!!!!!!!!! Will report in with the -ve 2moro!!!!


  • hi hun sorry i can't help with ur Q either but it all sounds really positive and will hopefully get u that little bit closer to your precious bean!!!

    Good luck!
  • Porky - I don't know but wanted to say hope the doc helps. Sounds like you've got some progress which is great.
  • Hi ladies thanks for the replies, it's nice to know you care even if you can't answer my Q etc. I guess I'll soon know the answers though. I am such a poas addict now, I'm already nervous about 2moro even though I know it'll be -ve, why oh why do we do it to ourselves?! I also didn't collect the prescription as I thought I'd get it in the morning after poas, talk about clutching at straws, I'm such a fool!
  • Oh Porky I don't know any answers either, didn't want to r&r.
    I hope the fact the doc is looking into it has given you a pma.
    I agree with the poas thing, we all do it and all feel let down after!!

    baby dust on it's way!
  • Thanks Sasha,

    Tbh I feel ok as I don't feel the stress of trying to BD as we generally don't do it enough. I was soooooo stressed but after such a wait I'm now really chilled which is nice. I am glad to hopefully get things moving but also a bit nervous about the prospect of more long cycles. I have pma though so need to stop being a daft arse xxx

  • Hi porky, glad to hear the doc was helpful and that you now have a plan of action.

    As for taking a/c and epo, I would wait and see how you get on with the progesterone first, they might clash or cancel each other out.

    Good luck, hope it works for you quickly! x


  • if you are not sure if you are pregnant,at my hospital in the blood testing bit,they do pregnancy testing so would it be worth popping up to your nestest place and asking them to test? pregnancy hormones double every 3 days or so,so how can the doc say you are def not pregnant without a test being done within a few days?
    nor sure on the pills you have been given but my cousin has some of them she takes regualry as she had cancer when she was younger and they help her have periods and develope breasts and girly stuff.
    hope you get your answers soon and good luck xx
  • Hi Porky

    I have had the progesterone and it does indeed indcuce bleeding. No help on the cycle thing as I have PCOS. In memory I think you do

    I would by the most sensitve HPT you can find I think Early repsonse have a 6 day early one. Some of the tests can detect 10miu of the pregnancy hormone... the hospital blood tests are sensitive to around 5miu so there is not a huge amount of difference in their ability to detect whether you are pregnant.
    Hope this helps

    Re the agnus castus have done some reading as I was considering taking it myself. The reason I opted not too as there is no solid studies of toxicity as it is not classified as a medicine so I opted to be cautious as we are ttc. Also I think the way it works might be helpful in reducing something called prolactin - which is not relevant in PCOS

    Good luck with the doc
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