Length of lutenal phase?

Arrggh I have just gone to post and it has disappeared!!

Basically I am confused about my lutneal phase. I am currently on cycle day 38 and no sign of AF. Last cycle was 34 days and the one before that was 36b days. This cycle I noticed EWCM on day 17. Admitally it was only a very small amount!

The last time I noticed EWCM was in Jan and was 24 days since the period before that. My AF didn't turn up for another 29 days so does that mean my lutneal phase is 29 days long!?! Does it matter that I noticed EWCM earlier in my cycle this time?

I have just tested and its still a BFN (I tested on Saturday and the same!)

I am confudled! image


  • hi Mrs C,

    I've bought a few books recently to help (as I am now on 12 months TTC and beginning the rounds of tests) so I thought I would quote what a couple of them say about Luteal Phase for you to see if that would help...

    Firstly it cannot be affected by stress or anything else it is pretty much always the same length from when you ovulate.

    One book I have - Taking Charge of Your Fertility (Toni Weschler) quotes this...

    "Following the release of the egg from the ovary, the follicle that held the egg collapses on itself, becoming yellow body, or "corpus luteum." The corpus luteum remains behind on the interior ovarian wall and starts releasing progesterone. The corpus luteum has a finite life span of about 12 to 16 days, with an average length of just over 12 days. Rarely does it vary more than a couple of days within each individual woman, because its presence on the ovarian wall leaves it unaffected by the stresses of everyday life.
    Thus for example if normal for one woman is normally 13 days, it may occasionally be 12 days, occasionally 14. Sometimes, luteal phases may be even 11 or even 10 days. These are considered within a normal range, but phases less than 12 days can be potentially problematic if a couple is trying to get pregnant."

    "The first part of the cycle, from Day 1 of menses to ovulation (follicular phase) the length can vary considerably."

    "For example, a woman could have an extremely delayed ovulation due to stress or other factors, not ovulating until Day 30 or so. This would result in about a 44 day cycle (30 plus 14). Thus, just because a woman is on Day 44 and hasn't got her period yet doesn't necessarily mean she's pregnant."

    One of the ways I have found it much easier to understand my cycles is by taking my Basal Body Temp. as you can see when you have already ovulated by your temp rising sharply afterwards so can then see how long your luteal phase is which can help you understand of the course fo a few months around when you can expect it to happen in your cycle - also if you are "late" then you can tell if it because you ovulated late or that it is worth POAS!!

    I hope that helps a little - I'm going to scan my other books and see what they say too - to see if there is anything else helpful in there.


    PS So sorry that was so long winded image
  • PPS - also meant to say that EWCM can occur over a few days without you being aware of it so cannot always help you determine a definite date of ovulation.
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