Another TMI thread - sorry

Hi girls

I've been using an OPK with no positive days yet, however I have had some thick stretchy discharce (sorry tmi). Sorry it get worse - lol It's not clear though, it's kind of dark yellowy pinky and very thick. Then it's just white not gooey. Sorry I know its too much info. I'm not sure if this means I'm coming up to ov. My cycles aren't quite right yet but I wanted to ttc as soon as poss.

Thank you

v xx


  • Hi, I'm new to this website. I think if it is the kind of discharge you get before OV you should get a positive OPK in the next few days. I did think it was meant to be a clear discharge though. How long have you been TTC? Cx
  • Hi C

    Welcome to the site, you'll find so much info on here.

    We just started in November, had a couple of weeks using precautions as we were going to wait til march then we decided to just go for it. Hubby been poorly though so have not BD'd this month yes since my first real period which was a week on Tuesday gone, so I think I'm still ok to catch it. (Fingers crossed)

    How about you?

    v xx
  • Do you know what CD you are on? if it's around ov time then I suppose it might be EWCM (but that's usually clear) or if you're around CD 24+ could it be implantation?
    OPK's are a bit fickle, it's quite easy to miss your hormone surge, isn't it?
  • Hi Saripop

    I'm on day 10/11. (My period started last tuesday) It's the first time I've used OPK's so not actually sure if I'm even using them right - lol.

    What method do you use? If you don't mind me asking. xx
  • Hi hun if you are cd 11 then you should be getting a positive on your opk any day soon so just keep testing, try to test at roughly the same time every day and make sure the your urine is quite concentrated. GL x
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