confused -sharp ovary pain-

For past three days I've been getting really sharp ovary pains, it is sharp, stubbing like pain, and lasts few minutes or so and then goes.. But it has been ongoing, and today it has been really quite uncomfortable so I had to take some paracetamol.

I've been having AF like cramps too but it has changed to sharp stubbing pain to the side. specially to my right.
It is bit like ov pains, but much much more intense, I am 2 days late now but been getting bfn..

I know some ladies get AF cramps as one of the signs of pg but has anyone had this..

Many thanks
R x


  • Hi Naturelle,

    Didnt want to read and run, I have experienced this but Im not sure if mine is because I have an ovarian cyst on my left ovary which is getting bigger. However, saying that I had several sharp twinges in my right side last night, they actually woke me up!! Ive only ever had AF cramps when AF has arrived so cant really help you there. Hope that this is a good sign. Sometimes BFP's take a while to show up as the hcg takes a while to get stronger so dont give up. FIngers crossed ht hun. xxx
  • Lizziebuffe, thanks for your reply. I've googled this question and ended up reading all sorts of scary stories, so decided to post here..

    It could be a good sign I guess as I have read that some ladies get that in early stage of pg.
    But to be honest more you read and know more confusing all of it gets.
    Hope you are ok, thanks again xxx
  • Hi Naturelle,
    Ovaries are sensitive things and even the slightest change in hormones, muscle twinges etc can create a lot of pain.
    So long as you feel healthy ignore these stories!

    I guess you know it could be implantation so keeping everything crossed for you!!!

    I'm right there with you hon - am now 4 days late and symptom spotting like crazy! x
  • Robin I did think of implantation but think it usualy happens from around 6-12 DPO and I am already around 14 or 15DPO..

    Not sure what is going on this month..When I first came off the pill I was "late" well I thought I was but it turned out it just took sometime for my period to regulate,. My second cycle was "normal" lenght, well around 26 days,and since then on avarage my cycle is 26 or 27 days.. I am CD28 today so either day or two late..

    So this is the first month that I am late since coming off the pill which kind of gives m hope but not too much as I've learned hard way, months I got so excited only to get a visit from AF..

    I do less and les of symptom spotting but the can't help feel these pains..
    What CD are you? Have you had a WB since coming off the pill
    Some ldis on here have been so lucky getting bfp's in the first month of coming ofhe pill, so you could be one of them too!
    Baby dust

  • I think it sounds promising for you hon! image
    Everything looks good.

    As for me...not sure what to think. I know its possible I am lucky but it is less common and so more likely I am just waiting for my first period. I have had the WB and I am fairly confident I ovulated. I again am getting EWCM (sorry if tmi!) but it hasn't lasted long. Weird how the really bad AF pains came for 2-3 days on and off and then vanished - ?

    Crazy bodies! lol

    Let me know if you test hon xx
  • Thanks Robin, hope so..

    I guess it is harder to know in the first cycle as its hard to know whatever you are actually late since you haven't established regular pattern but not at all impossible either to fall pg in the first month.

    I read somwhere that in some cases women that were on the pill were are actually more fertile in the very first months of coming of the pill, therefore conceived very quickly.

    I am sooo scared of testing though after so many bfn's I rather just get an AF!
    Same, let me know if you are testing
    Best of luck, fingers crossed for you!
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