Do we ov from alternating ovaries? :roll:

I think the answer is yes but wondered if someone knew for sure. The reason I ask is I a have dodgy left ovary - I don't know how healthy the eggs are from that one or if any ever get released. So last month I'm sure I ov'd from the left as I felt the pains but we did all the right things and nothing happened - bfn.

Now I know that there's only a certain % chance of a bfp even if the ovary is in good shape, but I was thinking I'm in with a better chance if I ov from the right and that would be this month (if the theory that we alternate ovaries is correct), although it's a about that time and I can't tell at the moment if I'm oving from the right one or not.

So hence my question do we alternate?


  • usually yes, but as always there are exceptions to the rule, some onlly ever ov from one, some go three+ months from one, then from the other for a few, some ov from both at the same time (my mum did this, thats how she got fell preg with boy/girl twins) etc etc sorry, not really much help xx
  • Its random, but for a lot of women it happens to alternate, but it just depends which ovary happens to have a ripe egg at that time. There is no fixed or firm rule for it, and no way to predict it either.
  • Ive always felt ovulation on right side these past few months??

    I dont know what to believe anymore he he xx
  • Yes. I have been having Reflexology since jan to get my cycle back on track after pill ( I have gone from 55 day cycle to 28 day cycle after 3 sessions: Love it, def recommend it and am carrying on with it). Anyway she said this cycle she sould feel activity in my left ovary and explained that we ov from a different one each month. Not sure how that works if you just have one working one though. Maybe the single on just works harder. I will ask her at my next session. x
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