A TMI question (sorry.........NOT! hee hee)

Has anyone had discharge that they have actually felt coming out like a trickle. I keep having this and have to keep going to the loo to check its not AF as it is 17 days late.
Told you it was a TMI question hee hee


  • When I was younger and had more ewcm than I do now, I used to wear a pantyliner over ov because there was so much!!
  • well my last AF was 13th March and I should have had one around 10th April as I have 28 day cycles. I have no idea what the discharge is. All I know is there is a good amount of it. (again....TMI)
  • Sounds good with what others who have got their bfps have said about increased cm but dont know what consistency theirs has been. Sorry if you have already put this in another post ,I'm hopeless at remembering - have you tested if you are so late?
  • Lol. Ive tested, tested, tested, tested. i think you get the message hee hee. I tested earlier with a first response but yet again it was BFN.
    Got to go for a scan this coming week. Im sooooo worried im going to look a right plank if there is nothing there.
    They will probably find a pork scratching or a marmalade sandwich as ive been eating tons of these lol
  • Everything crossed for you that they find something much better than that!!! Good luck!!!!xxx
    (ooh [email protected]@er, I could just eat some pork scratchings!!!)
  • Well here you go hjanea ****hands over a bag of the finest pork scratchings around****
  • Ta, they were lovely!!!
  • yeah hjanea is right in saying that the BFP's all had increased cm! (lovely) Good luck for your scan.x
  • Hey - im due AF on 30th and i still have CM and i feel like im leaking. I hope its a BFP especially since a Spiritualist predicts a baby this month ! Woo hoo!!!!
  • LOL @ SB!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Awwwwww thanks girls. Fingers crossed for everyone hey!!!!
  • i feel for you hun thought 7 days was bad with no af or bfp. hope ya get af or even better a big big big bfp. x
  • Day 18. Still no af and still no BFP but loads of CM.
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