Positive ov Test - 2 Days in a row?!?!!?!

Hi ladies,

I had a positive ov test yesterday at around 12pm and I tested again today expecting it to have gone down but it was as strong as yesterday's test. I tested today at 4pm.

All the other months the line has faded considerably.

Has anyone else had this?

Thank you,
Amy xx


  • u could be OV twice.. Or cought ov serge at start and end
    Go BD image :lol:

    Good Luck x
  • hi hun, when i used cbd opk's a few months ago i got pos 2 days in a row. i think if i read it right you count the day after you pos opk's as ovulation, i think opk's show the surge & frtile time before ov.xxxxx
  • EH? I always get a positive two days in a row. I thought that was normal. Am I a freak?
  • moonandstars i was reading my instructions just to check and its right enough you should have 2days of pos and then during the second day or into the next day is ov.xxxxx
  • Thanks Angel!
    Amy - by any chance are you using fr opk's? Cos I think they can be a bit unreliable.
  • Oh I just used one stick and got a positive and then we BD a few times actually not knowing we done it before ov and a few times before and once after.

    So if I am out this month next month do I check again the day after?? so do two tests??

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