DPO 11 (also in TTC after MMC)

Hello Ladies,

I had a mmc in March but decided to let nature take it's course (which didnt happen) and eventually had a managed misscarriage on 24th April (after 5 weeks of waiting for things to happen). I haven't had AF since then. Anyway since then (which I took as CD1) I have been taking my BBT every morning and ov'd around CD12 / 13.

Today is DPO 11 and I still have a raised temp of 36.8 (my cycle before mmc was 28 days) and a lot of creamy CM (tmi - sorry). Also around CD21 / DPO 8 I had quite alot of cramping, so bad that I could barely move (I had this with my previous pregnancy, just before I tested positive) but no other symptoms other than feeling a bit dizzy, being really thirsty and eating like I've never been fed before! Do you think I am reading to much into it or could it be that I get a BFP when I test on Friday (that's when A/F is due if I am having a normal cycle like before MMC).

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  • didnt want to read and run, good luck for testing on friday, does sound positive but as you've mentioned dont read too much into it xxx
  • Hi hon, it does sound positive but try not to get your hopes up too much - a lot of women have very strange cycles straight after a mc. I just wouldn't want you to get your hopes up too much and then be dissappointed. That said good luck for testing; apparently we're much more fertile just after a mc (which I've never understood) so you just never know... good luck xx
  • Thanks Ladies - dreading it and can't wait for friday to come all at the same time!

    Trying not to get to excited coz its only first month ttc after mc, but we shall see what Friday brings!
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