hi ladies

Im on about CD 9 ish and having wats feels like AF type aching im my netherregens did a OPK and was a very very faint line there could i be due to ovulate soon? This is my kinda first month as had implant out bout 3wks ago. x


  • Hi hun, with opk's the line has to be as dark as the control to be a positive, it's because there is always LH present in your urine (hence your faint line) so it's only the surge that your looking for that tells you you're about to ov.
    The pain could be a sign though so keep testing and hopefully you'll pick up your surge soon xx
  • ta huni im still new to all this xx
  • no probs hun, there's soooo much to learn, whatever happened to everything we were taught in school - 'one time without a condom and you'll be pregnant' :roll: xx
  • lol i agree haha x
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