cd 23 and still no ov!! cry cry cry!!!!

was due to ov today (according to last months cycle of 36 days) but so far had no + on an ov stick and my temp is still low. last month had + on CD22 but this month nothing as of yet!
just did my last ov stick as i couldnt wait any longer and dont think i had enough we (sorry if tmi!!) and it took ages for a very very faint control line and an even fainter test line to come up!
ive been testing since cd 14 and had very faint test lines every time so im taking these as all negatives.
i might pop to boots later and buy a new batch of sticks!!

i know alot of u have been trying ALOT longer than me but this is our fist month and i will be gutted if I dont ov as I know i did last month when we wasnt even trying!!!

its soooo frustrating waiting over 3 weeks after AF just for ov!!!! grrrrrr :cry:

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  • Sorry to hear you're so frustrated and upset. You may not have had the surge yet, or may have missed it, as I read a post (sure it was mrs_e) where she tested in the morning and it was neg, tested again a few hours later and it was pos! Also, I dont know much about temp charting as never done it, but I thought your temp climbed after ov?

    Good luck hun. BD lots anyway just in case! (and its fun!) xxx
  • I'm sorry that you're feeling so low but this is the reason that most doctors advise against using ov sticks. They aren't terribly reliable as your surge can be very brief and you have to have the right concentration of urine. I would suggest giving them a rest for now and just have fun trying for a few months. All this stress may well be preventing you for ovulating.
  • Hi Susan, im sorry to hear that your getting fed up with ov sticks. Maybe you will still get a positive soon your temp is still low, it does go up after ov. Im gonna test twice a day with ovk this month because it is possible to miss the surge. Keep your chin up hun im sure you will get you positive tomorrow or the next day. good luck xxx
  • hey thanks for the replies! god I sound well obsessed dont i! hehe!
    doc adivsed monitoring temp as my periods have been quite crazy since coming off the pill but I think it has just made me more obssessed! haha!

    i think I might carry on with charting my temp as its a good indicator of when my AF will arrive but might give the ov sticks a miss from now on!
    i say that but I bet it dont happen!! haha!

    baby dust to everyone! x
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