Coming off Implant, experiences please

Myself an OH have decided to start TTC for no2 but i have the implant, Im going to go to the doctors and have it removed hopefully this week, and was wondering what your exeriences with cycles returning to normal were after havin the implant?

Ive not had it in long, as we were going to wait a little longer, but im inpaitent! so have only had it for about 9 months. Many thanks for any help you have xx


  • Just wanted to say Hi and woohoo!!! ;\)
  • hey babylove!!!! cant believe i actually managed to convince OH after reading your post on FB! hehe!! im not gonna go mad tho, cause im not expecting quick results! (but i can dream!) x
  • Hello and welcome!

    I had my implant out on 9th Feb to TTC. I had been on it for 5 years (2 different implants) and on the pill for years prior to that. I don't have a BFP yet but have nonetheless been very lucky in that my cycle *seems* to have gone straight back to normal (I don't want to jinx myself though!)

    I had regular -ish AFs on the implant and by chance was just starting one on the day of removal. That carried on as normal and then started another 'normal' AF exactly 29 days later. So a nice normal first cycle!

    I did ovulation tests this month and got a positive the evening morning of CD15 (and have a feeling I ov'd either during that day or overnight). This (I hope) puts me on course for another regular cycle.

    I have been feeling much better in general since coming off the implant - much less 'hormonal'. I didn't get any PMT at all before AF, whereas it was always really bad on the implant. My AFs are much shorter now too so all good (apart from no BFP yet, but am ever hopeful!)

    Good luck TTC! xx
  • Thanks for you help Titly! Its reasuring (sp?) to hear others experiences. Thanks again and good luck to you too!!! xx
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