Bloody men

Hello ladies sorry a bit of a rant from me. I just had to do a preg test as I'm goin doctors tomo. It was a bfn, and I said to hubby it was bad news a bfn. So I asked him wat wud he say if I said I was preg and he said I wud be like oh right good, I asked him if he wud be excited he said nah not really I prob will nearer the time it's born!!!! Sorry rant over now! Anybody elsesE partner like this? Makes me laugh as it was him who said we cud ttc x


  • Nah, bet he will be excited! He's probably just trying to keep his feelings under wraps and not show you how disappointed in the BFN he is. If he makes out he isn't bothered one way or the other it keeps the pressure off you both as well (from his point of view). I'm sure as soon as you get your BFP he will be jumping for joy! xx
  • I have to agree with Garfield he will be dissappointed that it was a bfn and when you do get your bfp he will be over the moon! I dont think men seem to get as excited about it all as we do! xx
  • YES!

    When AF showed up last night i was really pleased because we could officially start trying. I was in overdrive on babies last night. I asked him why he didn't seem so excited and he said exactly the same thing! "When you tell me i'm gonna be a dad i'll be excited."

    I suppose your right, it is just bloody men. They are biologically predisposed to pee on your bonfire :lol:

    I'm just gonna have to roll him over to BD at the right times and thats about as much input as i'm gonna get from him on the matter until BFP!!

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