just thought i would say HI

not been on here for a while so just thought I would stop byand say hello.

Who has had BFP lately?
What have I missed?



  • Hi, nice to hear from you. I have just got af after my 4th attempt. Waiting to hear from my donor if he can do this month. How are you?
  • I was getting a bit obsessed so I gave it a rest for a while. I think the baby making will have to go on hold now anyway as my partner and myself have announced our wedding date. 5th september 2009. Dont think I could handle the 2 major events at the same time (nor the expence lol).
    I am well though hun. How are you?
  • Nice to see you babymonkey! xx
  • Hi babymonkey, nice to see you back.
  • Hope you are doing alright babymonkey. Nice to see you back

  • Hi babymonkey, its lovely to see you back, weve missed you! Ohh how exciting a wedding in 09, thats wonderful news. Keep in touch hun. xxx
  • nice to hear from you babymonkey. Great news on the wedding date. Now you'll be busy planning that!
  • Good to hear that you're ok babymonkey - congrats on the wedding date (an excellent choice may I say - my anniversary and also my eldest's b'day!) xx
  • The only thing is, do we carry on trying to conceive or not?
  • You might fall easier if you are concentrating more on the wedding?

    What does your H2B think? xx
  • Hes all for carrying on ttc. Im more worried about the expense and extra added pressure plus I cant stand the disappointment of yet another BFN!
  • Sounds like you have made your mind up?

    People manage when it comes to money, otherwise it would never seem a good time for some of us to ever start ttc! xx
  • I think we have missed this month to top it all off. I think I ov yesterday. Dont know why but I feel really emotional all the [email protected]@dy time.
  • Maybe it is all a bit stressful for you? Maybe relax about ttc at the moment, and rethink a little later? xx
  • Yes, I think your right. Im normally so laid back but just lately im so uptight. We even find it hard to have sex as I just cant seem to relax. I just say whats the point, it wont work. Its like our sex life is revolving around getting pregnant.
  • I know what you mean. If you feel you still want to ttc, as hard as it is, maybe putting it to the back of your mind is exactly what you need. Allow the wedding to take over, bd because you just want to, and you never know! xx
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