The Positive Thread

Hello ladies,

Had a quick glance over the topics going around at the moment and there seems to be a lot of anxiety and worry at the mo! I certainly have been lacking in PMA over the last few days and the stress is starting to get me down. Figured we all needed a good hug and some serious positivity. thought was.. having read how important it is to visualise the end goal and have a positive outlook..we could all post one thing (or more) that we are really, truly happy about. Or maybe post a little mantra or affirmation. Myabe a load of bull, but surely worth a go eh?!

I shall go first..

I am really, truly happy because I can honestly say I love my husband with all of my heart and even more wonderful - I know inside that he really loves me. That is such a lovely, safe and content feeling. :\)


  • awh what a good thread image

    Im really truly happy because i have married the most amazing man this year - he makes me feel so wanted, so loved, and so special. every women should be looked after and loved how he does to me, its the best feeling ever.
    and i know he will make the most amazing daddy when we get our bfp image
    also have a truly amazing family and lots of great friends. image
  • Good reply Kels124 - very positive! I feel better already!
  • I like this positivity!! I'm feeling quite good at the moment. Tomorrow I break up for the school hols whooooooooo (I work for a community centre within a school so we do get 2 weeks of the summer hols off!) Planning to catch up with friends and generally chill out with my DS, and pack for our hols in Sept xx
  • yeah what a good thread! Ok here mine
    all good things come to those who wait! . . I no this because i was lost and alone before i met my one true love my life my heart my soul. . My husband x x. . I shall wait for my little baby to come along because i no she+or he Will be worth the wait x just like my soul mate husband x
  • Oh what a lovely ideaimage in serious need of some pma!
    I think myself extremly luckly to have finally found myself such a fantastic oh, who treats me like I'm his worldimage my ds is my life, he is such a caring and loving little boy, he makes me so very pround...and would make a fab big broimage xxx
  • yay loving the happiness image

    i am truely happy with my life and my husband, im so so happy with our life and love together. he is the love of my life and i am so glad i married him. i love my familyy so so much, and life is pretty amazing right now image xxxxxx
  • Yay - we have so much to be happy for! Good mantra Booey - def good things come to those who wait.
  • I am thankful that every day I get to wake up in a lovely house, next to my lovely hubby and we are both healthy and happy.
  • I am thankful that i was lucky enough to have find my OH at 16, and still be getting happier every day i'm with him 11 years on, and also that everyone i love is healthy and happy.
  • I was thinking this morning that a good mantra would be to trust that our bodies are super duper and know what to do. TTC is a journey not a race and we should (try!) to relax and enjoy it.
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