anyone has endometriosis? also posted in ltttc

Hi girls,

after having two transvaginal scans it seems likely that i have endometriosis and had my first fertiltiy app on wed.

i have to have 3 day and 21 blood test then a hycosy, my hubby will also do a SA then after xmas i will have a laparocopy to see how serve my endo is.

we been trying 18 mths now

anyone have any experience in endo? each mth the pain gets worse and spotting pretty much every day and i get so emotional cos im fustrated that i havent yet got a bfp



  • Hey,

    I don't have any experience of it or advice just wanted to wish you luck with your fertility app this week. Sounds really nasty so I hope they can do something to help you stop the pain and spotting. Fingers crossed you will get your BFP soon x
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