BBT...when should it drop??

Hi girls i hope you might know.
I decided to track my BBT for first time this month and was wondering when its suposed to drop??
My pre ov temp was 36.2 and after ov it has stedily risen. Im on cd29 of a 31 day cycle and when i woke this morning it was 36.99... 98.58 f. Ive not got a clue:\?

Thanks annette x


  • i've been looking into it because i've started charting too and i read it can rise up to between 98f - 99f during and after ovulation and can stay high i think until AF arrives. it says if it stays high for 18 days after your LH surge theres a chance you could be pregnant and to do a test, mine was still 98.6f last week which was the day evil af arrived.
    but you never know the longer it stays high and af doesn't arrive thats a good sign so fingers crossed.
    hope this helps

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  • Thanks tasha.
    Just wasnt sure.Just need to hope she doesnt get me on wed and i dont go into 9 mth ttc. PMA little low tho as have no other symptoms. Hope u get your bfp soon.
    annette x
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