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Hi all i hope you dont mind me joining in, feel like i need to be around people in the same boat as me, Well once again im here, last time it took me 17 mnths to concieve, hopefully it will be less this time round, at least thats what everyone keeps telling me, ive only got Friends that concieve first time of trying so hopefully i can start having chats with some of you.


  • Hi nicki, i'm in my 1st month of going pro, been amametur up till then. welcome u'll get lots of advice, help and support every1s great!
    good luck, sending u a truck load of baby dust. xxxxxxxxxx
  • Welcome to BE!!!!!

    Hopefully you will find us to be a friendly bunch. We all have our up and down days but always rally around each other to give support (for which I am grateful for).

    Mrs WBxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Thank you all for being friendly, i need that baby dust, but i will share it all with you, if it gets the result we all need and want so much. Just read lasts nights forum and love it reminds me of how i was first time round, this time ive been using the site baby hopes for ovulation charts, although may have to get the sticks back out as it hasnt worked the last couple of months.
  • a lot of people seem to use these sites for ovulation but i haven't tried yet got some ov sticks off ebay that i'm going to try next month if i don't get my BFP *lilac whispers* don't tell woomummy and jen24 that i'm gonna POAS.
  • your secrets safe with me.
  • louisa don't make me rugby tackle u! wat woomummy and jen24 don't know wont hurt me!
  • i'm not due till the 5th so got a while to wait, but OV sticks arrived and i'm dying to use them but i know i've already ov so it would be pointless! xxxxxxxx thank you xxxxxxxxxx
  • me too but not feeling it this month BD loads around ov but not really enough in general! xx u to babydust.xx
  • Lilacjlh...whats this louisaw has told me, there was a true winner in the battle last night after all, there was me thinking we had lost, welcome to the dark side....(que dramatic laugh) image xxxx
  • nope i haven't done it yet still holding Zoe's hand, u may have won the battle but i will win the war! *lilac coughs and outs her hand up* actually thats not strictly true as i will POAS i designated days but only for the good of baby making you understand! xxx
  • Hey lovely! Im pretty new here too. Just finished first cycle of trying and waiting for AF after 2 BFNs this week!!! Sending baby dust your way!!!!
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