Massive temp dip @ 9dpo :\(

Think I'm out for an August Pip already...

9DPO for me today and had a huge temp dip from 36.85 to 36.45 this morning... will be expecting it to stay down again tomorrow and the witch to be with me for the weekend.

This is out 6th month of ttc and I am just gutted, every month AF comes around 10/11dpo.

Am just so upset. Think I'll be logging off for a while girls. Good luck to all the Birthday testers... I'll be drinking a large glass of red to drown my sorrows.



  • HI Babydancer - it could be an "implantation dip" so you might see it rise back up tomorrow.

    It's easier said than done, but try not to worry.

  • Hey BabyDancer,

    I was going to say exactly the same as laurajohnson, implantation can cause a big dip in temperature!!! I would hold off the wine for another night...your temp may well go back up're not out of the running just yet hun!!.x.
  • Thanks girls but it is looking the same as all my other charts... I am hoping that it is an implantation dip and my temperatures rockets tomorrow.

    Y do I get myself so worked up every month? Its just a roller-coaster I hate it... xx
  • oh hun, i really hope it is implantation good luck.xxxxx
  • I'll keep everything crossed for you hun, good luck.x.
  • Fingers and toes all crossed for you pet. xx
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