Waiting to test!! i week to go!

Hi guys, I am desperately trying to wait before POAS! I think I OV last Tuesday and now a week later I have twingy pains down the left hand side and had to throw my shreddies away as they tasted funny. I am hopeful but don;t want to hope too much!! I am trying to wait until next tues to test as then it will have been 14 days after ov. This waiting is the worst bit I am inventing symptoms left right and centre!! Anyone else in the same boat


  • Yes, I have loads of symptoms but I don't know how many of them are imaginary!! It will be dpo14 for me this friday and I'm trying to hold out until then at least, but its going to be hard!!!xxx
  • hi i ov'd last monday and although we wasnt supposed to start ttc properly until next month (due to gettin married in aug) i think we may have had a lil accident last sat night (2 days before ov day)!
    We have been using "party hats" and been v careful but I think on that occassion either some came out or it split as there was hardly any you know what in it and htb is adamant (sp!?) there should have been!! hehe!
    anyway im now 8dpo and im feeling absolutly shattered- i also have a weird sensation in my boobs and i keep getting twinges really low down in my tummy.
    ive been bloated for about 5 days too now- like REALLY bloated! i dont know if this is signs of AF or anything else! how early can you test??
    i think im just willing myself to have signs!!:roll:
  • Shreddies were ok today - think i invented the funny taste! Its hard not to send yourself crazy with this symptom spotting!
  • susanlee, have you seen the new first response advert? Apparently now you can test 6 days b4 af due! Ideal for all you poas addicts out there! lol!

    good luck to you all, lets have some more June bfp's! xxx
  • hi girls how are you all feeling today? have any of you tested?

    babybump4 i have seen them but i had a couple of the access diagnostic ones at home (they came free with my bbt thermometer!!) and i took one this morn and it was BFN image

    Im still only on DPO10 thou and the pains in my boobs (well its mainly my left one!!) are getting worse! like a sharp shooting pain!

    not sure what to think! part of me is kinda thinking well its a VERY slim chance it would have happened due to what I explained in my post above- but part of me is really hoping i just tested too early!!! :lol:
  • Hope so Susan. I have resisted testing so far(only cos I havent got any cheap tests lol!!),but I am expecting af by tomorrow at the latest!! Good luck!!xxxx
  • AF got me this morning only 9 days after ov- too early. hope that won't be a problem.
  • 1 week for me too! Have been avoiding this site for a bit as it was making me obsessive!! :lol: Used ov stick for the first time this month so I know I ov'd (great relief going into month 10!!)but dh was working away so not quite sure if we caught it! Fingers crossed though!!
    No symptoms for me though, except manically craving cheese! Was exhausted this week but that is probably down to the excessive overtime at work as the school was being audited!!!

    *dappy chants....I will not symptom spot..... I will not symptom spot......*
  • yeah that confuses me too sugarpuff! personally i think its best just to wait till AF is due and then you can be sure- but its MUCH easier said that done isnt it!! hehe!

  • Sorry to excite you Dappy but all through my pg cheese was just the best thing. Wouldnt have said it was a craving but the most crappy cheese was just beautiful!!_so you never know, good luck!xxx
  • I have just had 2 slices of cheddar for breakfast rather than cereal - totally disgusting I know but I really fancied it!!!
    I must admit you have got me a little excited Helen but I will not symptom spot.... I will not symptom spot..... I will not symptom spot!! ha ha ha

    When are you going to test?
  • I'm day 14po tomorrow but I'm going to try and hold out til saturday. I was quite optimistic earlier in the week but my pma has deserted me know as I feel like af is on her way. I only have expensive tests left and dont want to waste them or to get a bfn!
    When are you testing?
  • Awww mini510, sorry af found you. Are you sure its af? If its light it may just be implantation? You are around the right time dpo. If it is af, then good luck for next month hun x

  • Not til next weekend I'm only 7 dpo, but like you I am no way going to poas early! It's costs too much money and makes me miserable!!
    Don't lose your pma now, you never know.... Fingers and toes crossed for you and sending you a bucket full of babydust xxx
  • sooooo has any one resisted and tested yet? ;\)


  • i am still unsure if it is af! Its brown and very light- only when wiping not on pad yet. Same yesterday and today. Yesterday I also had a bad belly and was feeling sick. So there is still a slim chance for me!! I'm going to wait and see if it does turn into full blown af over weekend . If not I will test on Sun night.
    This is a weird thing but the bud things- sorry sure what they're called! on nipples are all raised at the mo- anyone had this??
  • ooh apparently still sounds like your in for the running!

    the raised bud things are apparently a good sign!

    i really dont think i am- all my symptoms have gone completly and i just dont "feel" it... :cry:
  • Hi - hope you don't mind me crashing your post! I believe I OVed on 2nd June so my 2ww ends on Monday! This is going to be one long weekend! I have a few symptoms - blue veins all over my body especially on my boobs & nipples where they are more like spiders. I have the raised buds too. They might be slightly darker in colour but to be honest they have changed so much since coming off the pill. I wake up in the morning with pain in my chest but this eases as the day goes on. I think I need to pee more often but I could be imagining it!

    Good luck everyone for that BFP!! xx
  • Hi Sarah!
    i gate crashed the post too! the more the merrier i think!
    i ov'd the same day as you!!!

    i said earlier my symptoms have gone but ive actually felt sick all afternoon and got a very slight dull pain in my tummy so now dont know what to think :roll:...
    i dont think i am thou because we wernt actually "trying" this month- just had a little "accident" (or so we think) with the party hats but this happend to be the fri before i ov'd so i spose anything is possible!
    would be nice thou!

    do you "feel" any diff? have u tested yet?

    good luck to you! x


  • i hate this waiting!!! Loads of people have no symptoms so don't depair Susanlee! It all sounds good for you sarahw. the blue veins are a very good sign!
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