clomid?! What? When? How?

:?I????ve read several of the comments in here and lots refer to Clomid. How long do you have to be trying before recieveing this? What is it exactly? How is it given? How does it work? Anyone had good success with it?

I????m still waiting for my af since my withdrawl- but as I haven????t had a af does this mean I????m not ovulating? How do I know if I am? Read something about Uterus being high/low?

Anyone have any advice- I????d be really grateful. :lol:


  • I just replied to your other post but anyway........How long have you been waiting for af?? I waited 44 days but others have waited 6mths so it can vary. Clomid is a fertility drug, think it helps bring on O although I'm not entirely sure.
  • I was Clomid five months with my first baby and I am now pregant again after 5 months. We were trying for 18 months when we were precribed it as I have PCOS.
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