need your help ladies

im sorry to go on and on and on, i just did a hpt with my fmu which i saved, it was faint but there is defo a line there, now im certainley NOT getting my hopes up but needed 2 test 2 tel gp result when i go at 5. im wondering if any1 sufferd an early loss and stil got faint positves after? im sorry to drag up questions that may upset people xxxx


  • Hi hun,

    Am sorry for your loss, am going through something similar only I never got a confirmed BFP like you but am still getting v.v.v. faint lines.

    I hope you get some answers at the doctors xx
  • ur stil getin faint lines hun? have you been to see your gp? im sorry ur going thru this xxxx
  • Sorry hun I forgot to say have rang GP as been having bit of discomfort and pain in my right hand side of belly well it would be too early for ov as I have 35-45 days cycles. The lines are barely there but I can see them. I think am going to do a CBD and put it to bed at last.

    Doc said I have to go back for an appointment so am booked in for 22nd april she said too early to do scans as if i was preg it wouldnt show up etc, she said i could very well be pregnant but i said well why arent the lines getting any stronger and she said sometimes it can take a while so basically I have to wait and see if I get my next period on time 8th May and go for an appt 22 April. I just cant stop crying getting worked up whats going on/happening, when i wiped last nite its looks like i have a bit of light blood in my cm and I am worried about that. On sun night my cm was bright yellow/orange colour next morning it was normal.

    I only hope the docs will now take me seriously as am seriously on the edge its been going on too long been having weird af/cycles since Nov but have been off pill since Jun.

    I hope you get sorted too hun, take care xx
  • have they not done a blood test for you, i hear they are more accurate then hpt's? i hope u get sorted soon hun and you can move forward from this, easier said than done i know. the waiting game is just awful, i have this fear that the scan doc wants 2 send me 4 will b ages away and i just dont no if i can go thru much more sitting and wondering.
    i hope you get some answers soon and if you ever wana talk just email me xx
  • Thanks hun, yeah I had a blood test done on 22 feb from my last cycle as af was 11 days late really thought I was pregnant then.

    Its so gutting like a knife through your heart even harder when your body is playing up.

    Thanks for the invite to email hun, might just take you up on that sometime.

    Am off to do some cleaning or hubs will kick my bum am off on hol this week image

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