Testing tomorrow so having a large vino!!

Defo not wanting to start a big debate ladies about drinking in pregnancy but im testing tomorrow and totally freaking out about it, I don't drink much but im gonna enjoy this glass incase it's my last for a while. I have a toddler (28mths) and we decided to go for it again but now the time has come I have kinda freaked out......... anyone else on No 2 and felt a bit stressed about it all. My dad also has terminal cancer and he's not doing great so think it may be a huge overload with emotions. Think second time mummys will appreiate where I'm coming from as first time around I never felt like this.

Will report back tomorrow, don't know what I want to see in the stick tbh. Sorry if anyone is offended by my post as I know how lucky I am having dd and also know some of your are still trying for no 1 after many months.

Baby dust to all xx


  • Hi Hun,

    Sorry to hear that about your dad.

    I to am a 2nd time TTC and it is soo much more stressful second time round, So i totally know where you are coming from, I am on month 3, What about you?

    Let us know hat happens tomorow hope its your BFP.

    Mel xx
  • Thanks for your reply Mel, we were so lucky with dd it happened 1st month of trying on honeymooon, this is also our first month of getting brave again - Eeek. Hope you migrate to a due in forum soon, where about are you in your cycle and what age is your munchkin? Think when you think back to the first few months and sleep depravation it all gets real again lol

    Lynne x
  • We were lucky with ds we fell when wernt really tring as was getting married in the April and fell in the march so i had a sober wedding but was worth it for our ds. J is 7 months old (EEK) i dont really want a big age gap and as i wont be retunring to work we dont see why we should wait.

    Not to sure about my cylces yet but think i am due to ov in next few days so we are bding lots lol! So hopefully this will be our month!

    Mel xxx
  • Happy Bd'ing hon xx
  • Hugs Lynne! Good luck tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you...

    Our girlies are so big now and we need each need a new baby so if you could wait a month maybe, possibly we could be in the same DI group!!! LOL

  • Thanks Heather, much appreciated. That would be fab being in the same DI forum. You were a month ahead of me last time remember but Lexi came early so fate had it we met, for that I will always be truely thankfull, your a lovely friend and Isla is such a gorgeous girl, shame were so far away they would be fantastic play friends, it was meant to be. I have just said to myself form coming off the pill we will leave it to the man upstairs and if its meant to be it will be xxxx
  • Morning, have you tested? xxxx
  • Hey chick, have you tested? Is Lexi gonna be a big sis in March?

    Thinking of you...
  • Thanks for asking ladies, no I have not tested yet as we went a family day out and did not get back in time to get to chemist. Will defo text tomorrow if af has not shown up by then, still feeling a bit freaked out by all this and wonder if the timing is all wrong tbh, but that's just me being me! Will keep you posted xx
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