oh well! theres always this month!

Hi all just to let you know my test came back neg.. so i am a little depressed, but not to worry theres always july it may be my month, i can only hope and try xx my poor hubby will be knackered x :\( image


  • Good luck chloe. Maybe its just too early to show up on test? Its not over until af shows up! x


  • this is true... but i am not going to test again until the 24th july, i am going to try and relax a little and just go with it,and enjoy doing the bd, its so hard though trying to wait i'm like a kid on christmas eve me! xx
  • 24th July? even if no af? why such a long wait?! You must have lots of willpower! :lol:


  • well i would like to think so...thats what i am aiming for anyway! i keep getting my hopes up only to be dashed, i never had this before i just would get pregnant, oh how age changes you !! lol
    you havent long till you test how long have you been ttc? good luck anyway xxx
  • Thank you! Im due af on Tuesday (my ticker has lost a day somehow!) so I will be testing then. Im not sure my cycle has settled down yet after mc in May. Not been 'using' anything since dd's birth almost 19mths ago, tho I dont like to think of it as 'trying' as then its less of a disappointment when it doesnt happen! (in theory anyway :roll: )

    Good luck for your very long wait, you will need to take up an interesting hobby to take your mind off things!


  • sorry it was a bfn hun but it really could be too early - am hoping this is the case for you!!! good luck for the wait, i couldn't do it, i admire you!!!xxx
  • i had a mc last march, been ttc since about nov.. i have plenty to occupiy me i have 3 children, my youngest is 9 on thurs 3rd, bit worried i wont be able to do the whole thing, labour and stuff, been so long since she was born, xx let me know how you get on xx
  • thank you mrs e xx
  • Sorry for your loss hun, its a horrible experience to go through.

    And dont worry about labour, It will all come back to you! There was a 16yr gap between my eldest and my ds, and then I went and did it again 2yrs later, so it cant have been that bad! :lol: I was amazed at how much maternity and labour care had changed in 16yrs. much better system now. I have got 3 kids too. 2 boys and a girl.

    Im kind of getting nervous about testing now. I want to know, but am scared it will be a bfn. So part of me would rather not know. :roll: however, I will go thru with it. I have a poas buddy in Oz, so cant let her down! ;\) xxx


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