Well my AF's seem to be getting shorter day 23 this month! I know this sounds a bit strange but does anyone know of anything to take to make them longer? Day 1 is always this worst, oh well onwards and upwards.

Babydust to you all.

jen xx


  • Sorry shes found you. Dont know what can extend them. Good luck for next month honey.xxxx
  • Oh Jen why oh why is the witch giving you a hard time??
    Really hope you get some answers soon and can get over to the preg boards xxxxxx
  • Hey hunny, nasty witch.....roll on to july eh, we want our babies!! xxxxxxx
  • Sorry the witch found you jen. I dont know of anything that can lengthen cycles.
    Good luck for next month, hope she stays a way! x
  • Would agnus castus help Jen? I forget! lol!
  • sorry she got u again honey. i don't think it matters if ur cycle is short as long as the letuel phase is long enough?! Agnus castus should help thou.
  • Hi Jen

    Onwards and upwards chic at least you've got your appointment coming up, I have had my HY-CO-SY test today although they couldn't do as they have found a cysist, which they need to remove I have got to have a Lap operation done, is that what you are booked in for?

  • Yes im booked in for lap and dye although im a bit worried as i think my af is due round about it, so i dont know whether to rearrange just now or wait and see. Glad things are moving forward for you. Any idea when you'll get your lap and dye?

  • so sorry babe, i think mines just around the corner too....hope we both make it next time dont give up hugs xxxx
  • Hi Jen, she is going to ring me today, but she said it should be August. Xx
  • Hi Jen

    I was worried about short periods and a short luteal phase - I read online that vitamin B6 can help so I started taking it.

    I'm pregnant now, but not sure the vit b6 is what helped as I only started taking it about 1 week before I got my BFP!

    good luck!
  • Aw jen, sorry she found you. Please keep your spirits up that it will happen.
  • oh no jen im sorry she found you, like you said onwards and upwards, we all hate it but we have to get on with trying again, its hard i know even though i havent been ttc as long its still disappointing, good luck for month 16, hope its lucky for you babe
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