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A quick question, I've been using opks for a week or two now (no idea where I am in cycle as 3 months off pill and still no AF), I've been getting quite dark lines for the whole time (though not +ve), yesterday morning I got my darkest line (though still not as dark as control) followed by no line in afternoon so hopeful I ovulated. This afternoon I tested again and no line again. I've also come up in lots of spots and nipples bit sensitive today but pretty sure no ewcm. Do you think I've ov'd?? Does ewcm have to be present?? Or (more likely knowing my luck) I still haven't ov'd and spots and nipps just a co-incidence??

Oh and if it was surge yesterday pm, when does that mean I will ov??

Thank you



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  • i think its defo possibly you OV'd not sure tho, but it does sound spositive! thanks god! finally lol. how many times a day do you test? you probly OV'd and just missed the best testing time? xxxxxxx
  • Hi,

    *me* I test twice a day, The tests are definately a lot lighter now but they were quite dark for about 5 days, then got draker and now very light. I really really hope it was ov and not just fluctuating LH levels! Surely my body must be doing soething by now!! lol!
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