Had scan today...

Hi ladies

Thanks for all your positive wishes.

Mixed emotions really after our scan. We saw a pregnancy which is in the right place. It is measuring 5 weeks only and obviously has no heartbeat at this stage. The doctor was saying it all looked good, no obvious reason for the bleeding I've been having.

Whilst this is all great to them, I know I am 6+1 from my dates as we used OPKs. So I explained to them that I think the pregnancy stopped progressing last week and could they do a blood test to confirm that, to which she refused. Asf ar as she is concerned, the pregnancy looks ok, is at 5 weeks and I'll be having another scan next week to see if there has been any progress or not. Whilst she cannot say if the pregnancy is viable at this stage, she cannot dismiss it yet either.

So....back to limbo land and waiting....again! I know it's great news in that it wasn't a definite no-no (which is what DH and I were expecting tbh) but another agonising week ahead.

I do feel reassured that there was nothing to explain the bleeding, as one of my biggest fears was starting to mc by myself and I am trying really hard to be positive, but now the inaccuracies in dates between us have got me panicing image

Anyway, I'm signed off work again next week, so I'll be making the most of popping on here to distract myself. Hope you're all well and thank you all for your kind messages xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • That's good news, think about all the women who have bleeding throughout early pregnancy, heavy AF bleeding, and they have successful pregnancies. It must be so difficult waiting and you probably feel no better than you did this morning as you got no definate answer. There is still some hope, thinking about you xo
  • Try not to worry hon, I had a full af before I knew I was pregnant, then went on to have 2 very heavy bleeds but I still carried a very healthy little boy to term and he's now 16 months old and more advanced than a lot of kids his age! I know the wait will be bad, but try to stay calm and relaxed.

    All our fingers are crossed and we're all sending PMA & good luck for you hon xxxx
  • With implantation being diff. for everyone and the size of l/o's being diff things could still be going well, only 1 wks diff in size is very hard to judge at this stage, you're talking mm's. Try and stay positive I know it's hard. hcg levels would probably be inconclusive at this stage also as they differ too and are dependant on a number of factors.

    It easier said than done to stay +ve as the wait would kill me too, please try and stay +ve though. We're all thinking of you.

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  • Hope everything turns out ok hun, your dates could just be a little out.

    Fingers crossed for you, take care xx
  • hope it all goes well for you hun, when you did the OPK could have been a high not a peak fingers crossed you ov'ed a little later than you thought hun

    was thinking of you today hun xxx


  • Try not to over analyse everything too much (difficult I know). What will be will be. But, stay cautiously positive. Good luck x x
  • Glad to hear your bean is ok and i think they bang out of order for not giving you a blood test.

    Take care of yourself and plenty of rest for the week.

  • I am sorry you are in limbo again but am so pleased that there is also good news. I am still keeping everything crossed and I will keep hoping that everything is just fine.
    I hope you have a happy and relaxed weekend and week ahead. We're all here for you.
  • G/C from baby hope you don't mind.
    Just thought I would give you some hope.
    With my first son I concieved after 4years of trying and like you I strated bleeding and was rushed to a&e. By my opk,bbt etc I should hasve been 7weeks but the scanonly put me at 5weeks and I had to wait 2 weeks to see if it progressed. I continued to bleed on and off but all was well and I now have Alfie. They said the bleeding was from where I ovulated and the little pocket had burst causinbg a pool of blood(i had cramps and pain as well) After 3delayed mc I got pg again and when I went for an early scan they again put me 2 weeks behind even though i knew exactly when as i was on clomid (pcos) Oskar came 2weeks early weighing 8lb12oz in December.
    So i dont really have that much confidence in their measuring at times as people say it is only mm difference and your bean could be at an angle or hiding.
    Don''t give up hope unless you have to
    Good luck to you and to everyone ttc hopefully joining you when my af returns after bf! Whenever that may be possibly months yet.
  • So sorry to hear you're still in limbo land. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed and sending good thoughtds xxx
  • Oh hun I was hoping you would have had some answers. I dont know how you must been feeling but please try and stay positive. I will keep you and bean in my prayers xxx
  • awwwww hun! i no being in limbo must be rubbish but thers still hope so thats great news! stay positive. sending lots of stickyness your way!!! xxxxxxx
  • Thank you ladies for your positive advice. Staying 'cautiously positive' is a good way of looking at it. We are trying to be hopeful, as we were 99% sure it was going to be bad news the other day. So now were 50/50 instead and hoping and praying my instincts have been wrong from the start - we'll see.

    Scan on Thursday afternoon so will keep you updated with any news. Thanks for all your concern. It has helped me to get through these agonising couple of weeks.

    Hope you're all well xxxxxxxxxx
  • thats good news about the new scan day i will be thinking of u


  • try not to worry too much hunny it all sounds very positive. i had an early bleed at 7+2 and was sent for a scan and was dated at 6+1 but baby was there heartbeating and i like you panicked thinking im def a week further on than that and was so worried. but got to my 12 week scan and baby was fine still dated about a week behind though. and eventually baby was born 1 week earlier than their dates weighing in at a heafty 10lbs 1oz!! so thank god he never waited another week. my fingers are crossed. do you get another scan?
  • Fantastic news for you although horrible having to wait another week to confirm everything is ok. I really hope it is, will keep my fingers crossed x
  • Fantastic news for you although horrible having to wait another week to confirm everything is ok. I really hope it is, will keep my fingers crossed x
  • g/c !!

    i had 3 early scans due to bleeding and I was 100% of my dates. I measured at least a week behind on every single one. It was only when I had my dating scan that measurements finally caught up with my dates. when bean is so young & small a point one of a millimeter makes all the difference to how they date you. My fingers are tightly & optimistically (sp??) crossed for you hun.

  • hi hun,

    glad scan went ok was thinking about u too.

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