For all you symptom spotters out there :D

Hi girls, we all know we shouldn't be we all do anyway so thought I'd share this great website I found.

It has every possible symptom along with a graph of what DPO most women had the symptom, I'm an addict image

Anyway here's the link:



  • Thats a very good site huni thanx even though I do not want to SS this time as it drives me crazy lol
  • i loove all you ss out there i think i was the worst for it hehe xx

  • i love all you ss out there i think i was the worst for it hehe xx

  • I know Mrs Fair, I said I def wouldn't this month :roll: resistance is futile... :lol:

    Hi Tiannastar, how's everything going? Has it sunk in yet?? image xx
  • oh no, I saw that site before and luckily forgot what it was called ...
    now I will go ss crazy again LOL
  • I spent all day yesterday trying to find it again shuck...only to remember this morning it was in my favourite lists...wonder is forgetfulness on there *races to check new favourite website*
  • I just looked at it and OMG ive noticed ive had a few of them that i didnt really think were pregnancy signs... AF due tomorrow ladies, getting a little nervous no pains yet fingers crossed xx
  • How on earth have you managed to resist miss88!!? Good luck for tomorrow hun, hope that witch stays away!! x
  • i forgot eveything before i got my bfp! I've got a bad memory anyway but on christmas day people were thanking me for their presents and i had to ask them what i'd bought them! I honestly couldn't remember, and i only did my shopping last minute!
  • Hope it's my symptoms starting then Poppy and not just my brain being overloaded with all things baby related :lol: x
  • I guess ive had so many BFN im scared would rather get AF then another BFN
  • its sinking in slowly, just cant wait till feb 1st for first scan xx

  • Me too Huni, good luck x
  • you must be so excited tiannstar, sounds like a while away but the time will go in real quick and then you get to see your little bean! Enjoy!!
    miss88, BFN's are always awful to see, really hoping you won't have to worry about them after tomorrow though! xx
  • i am, ""sprinkling lots of babydust all your ways"" xx
  • G/C
    I used this site in sept last year for the first time and It was the month I fell pg, I had 52 symptoms in total lol after I oved, its really weird what we think are not symptoms on this site are. But its good to look back on now to see what my symptoms were. Good luck ladies xx
    18+0 with blue bump xx
  • Thanks tiannastar!!

    wifey2479 - hi *waves* congrats on your blue bump! All the best with the rest of your pregnancy, I'll have to start counting how many symptoms I have now image xx
  • Uh oh ive set that set in my favourites now- i will be a champion ss soon. thanks huni xxx
  • I apologise in advance Kaiti B! :lol: xx
  • Hi ladies! Just looked at that site and ive got loads of those symtoms which i didn't think had anything to do with being pregnant! Fingers crossed xx
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