Another opk question - sorry!!

Hi all,

You may have read my other question on this topic but have been using opk's for about a week, twice a day. So far every test has had a clear quite dark line but not as dark as control and so negative. Late this morning I tested and got perhaps the darkest lines yet (although still not as dark as control, although the edges of the line were very dark but not whole thing). Then I tested again just now and now there is no line at all (the first time this has happened).

Do you think that was my surge this morning?? Or just fluctuating levels of LH??




  • I am in no way an OPK expert yet but didn't want to r&r - it seems at least possible you caught the surge just before or just after the peak this morning and now it has gone, but then again you are right when you say it could be due to normal fluctuation.... It is interesting that today is the first time you have had no line at all though.

    If it is any help I noticed a very clear pattern last month (first month using OPKs) of darkening lines over a few days before my positive OPK, then a quick return to a very faint line. It was something like:

    3 days before positive: very very faint line (had to squint to see it)

    2 days before: faint line - no squinting required

    The day before: stronger line but noticeably lighter than control

    Positive OPK

    The day after: back to very faint line again

    However I only started testing 3 days before the positive, so I can't be totally sure whether my lines may have been more variable if I had been testing since CD1.

    Mine was also with Clear Blue digital OPKs and I think you said elsewhere yours are the cheapies - I am not sure whether this makes a difference or not?

    Maybe some other ladies who have been using OPKs for longer can offer some better advice than I have, but FINGERS CROSSED it was your surge. x

    P.S. I have also seen some people post on here that they never got a 'definite' positive with cheapies, only a 'nearly' positive at the right time, so you could be in with a chance. x
  • Thanks Tilty,

    I nabbed husband as soon as he came home just in case lol!

    I hope it was the surge (at long last!)

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