Sex in 1WW?

Just wondering what you ladies think on this? I'm in 1 WW and think that we could maybe (crossing my fingers) have done it!. Don't know what to do about this one. Does it cause risk of not getting the BFP?



  • I doubt sex will affect a BFP, don't know for certain but I would still do it- if i have any energy that is as we r really going for it this month haha!!
  • It's fine hun, have fun ;\)

  • hehehe im sure you'll be ok, this whole ttc thing takes over everything (even my tea break cuppa) so no wonder it makes you feel like this.
  • Thanks ladies.
    I thought it would be ok but like you say, it makes you think crazy things at times!
    ANother question, can hot water bottle on your tummy cause potential issues either in this 1WW or after a BFP? It's something I've always wondered as I often sleep with one. Originally only when I had af but it has become the norm as I tend to feel the cold in bed. xx
  • I would also like to know about the hot water bottle thing if anyone can help...I always use a warm wheat bag if I'm a little bit cold...! xx
  • I don't think so. Unless you are scalding yourself with it I doubt it would do anything as bean is tucked very snuggly away xx

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  • Thanks, I always thought it would make it more comfy for the little bean, being more snuggly warm!!! image xx
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