still no af but why is this...

hi again i am probably going to be driving you all mad but i cant help feeling i keep getting some strange thing going on, still no af, but now have a slight discharge sorry if tmi but i get constipated one day and loose the next! the side of my boobs hurt, does this sound familair to anyone or am i just imagining and wanting symptoms, the answer to that is probably yes, but just thought i would ask xx maybe it could be just me being anxious, still not going to test yet though for another weeks or so xx


  • Hi chloe. You are really going through it aren't you. Have you tested again since saturday ?
  • Hi Chloe123
    My BFP didn' show up until about 10 days after AF due, and i had 3 neg tests in that time. I guess i just didn't produce enough of the hormone thingy for it to show up, or maybe we weren't that pg enough??
    Good luck - keep us posted!
  • I'd would say it could be symptoms for either! good luck tho - my fingers are crossed xx
  • Fed up now i really am, i tested again yesterday still bfn,, oh well maybe i should stop trying so hard and stop thinking about being pg constantley! thanks for all your thoughts x
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