can some one help still no af

evening ladies af was jue friday saturday i posted the sunday morning things are a little better with oh know and finacialy we will be ok by the end of this year

im just asking if any of you ladies have been late jue to stress im 3 days late know although i wasnt up set or strssed when we were trying only upset when af was jue i havent had any cramps just this slight twinge in my lowere belly did a teast on friday used one that they use in the hospitals thinking they would be aultra sensative was one that you had to dip then waight 3 mins

im trying not to get exicted as i dont want to get disapinted if af showes her head we have been trying since june 09 and i have even lost a stone im driving my self mad trying not to think about it but its so hard not to get excited sorry for the long poast.x
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