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Hi everyone ! I'm new to this site !

I am getting married this summer. My (soon to be) husband and I want to start TTC straight away - but to ease the pressure we have told all our friends that we aren't going to think about trying for at least six months after the wedding - which is fine - except that I can't ask any questions to my friends without raising suspicions - so imagine how happy I was to find this website !!!

So - I have some questions that I was wondering if someone could help me with ...

(1) - When should I start taking folic acid ? We want to start trying towards the end of August ...
(2) - I am currently on the pill but the last pack I am planning on taking finishes around 7 August - which means AF will be expected around 10 Aug. By my calculations this means that my "fertile period" (sorry - not got to grips with all the shortcuts yet!) will start on 21 August (which is perfect as my wedding is the 22nd). Does this mean there is a chance I could concieve on my wedding night ?
(3) - If I don't AF will be due at the end of my honeymoon - which is fine as long as it is only a day or two at the end (I fly home on day 29) - do you think AF is likely to arrive on day 28 or is there a chance it will arrive sooner.
(4) My (soon to be) husband wants to "abstain" from AF in August to the wedding - will this help our chances? I've read different things - one saying you should save the swimmers up and one saying the more you use them the more get produced.

Wow - that went on a bit - sorry !!!

I'd be really grateful for any help.

Thanks so much


  • Hi hun and best of luck image

    1 - you should be taking it three months before TTC.
    2 - to be honest when you come off the pill your body will be all over the place so it's hard to set a date you will OV i was lucky and it took 28 days to come back but some women on here have been waiting for like 100 days and no real AF so this one is a hard one?
    3 - same as above
    4 - I have been told bd (baby dance) every other day is fine and unless he has any problems with his boys every day is ok too.

    I hope this helps? It's really a game of wait and see how your body is once you come off the pill as this can cause all sorts of problems.

    k xx

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  • Ok Nice to meet you.

    Firstly i would start taking folic acid now and unfortunatly the pill can mess up your cycles some people some off it and go straight back into their normal cycle and come dont get a period for months so it can be difficult to detect when you fertilt period is. My advice would be to stop taking the pill now and use another form of contraception ie condoms, then you will have a better idea of your cycles by august.

    Also you are told every 2 to 3 days of having sex is fine although everyday is fine as long as you dont have hubby sperm are ok. I wouldnt abstain for too long as the sperm can go off (in a matter of speaking).

    Sorry for the long winded reply probably doesnt make any sense. But ask away.

    Goodluck with the wedding and i hope you get your bfp soon after.

    jen xx
  • Hi Smithys wife!

    I agree with the wise words from the ladies above! I came off the pill at the end of March and have not yet had AF and have only just started to ovulate again so there's no way of telling what your body will do. If you come off the pill now be prepared for some changes in your body and your moods - damn those hormones! I came off Microgynon and have actually put on weight which is now slowly going. I also have had terrible bloating, bad skin, headaches, and tears from morning till night at the tiniest thing so I don't think I could have coped with this and the emotions building up to a wedding too! I have told DH that if we have all the kids we want he is definitely getting the snip as I am not doing this to my poor body again!! The problem is you won't know till you try but maybe do a little research into your particular pill and ask your doctor if you can expect any side effects - although I did that and he was useless!! Google is a useful tool if the doc is no help!

    Best of luck and keep us posted - and take that folic acid 3 months before trying!! xx
  • Baby Dance - I love that ! image

    Thanks for all the wise words !!! It's so nice to be able to ask someone questions !!!

    I am on Microgynon - and after reading your post Sarah I think I'll stay on it until mid August (which is when I was planning on coming off anyway) as I don't fancy all those side effects in the run up to the wedding !!!!! Plus, we have decided that we are not going to "actively try" for the first few months - just do lots of bd'ing and see what happens so I guess that's a good way for my ov to sort itself out ...

    We've got a bit of a cushion for if we don't fall straight away - our friends live in the carribean and if we were to fall straight away we wouldn't be able to go and visit in March/April like we have planned, so if we fall, great, if not, the blow is eased by the fact that we've got a great holiday to look forward to !!!

    Guess I'll be off to get my folic acid tomorrow then !!! Only 11 and a half weeks to go !

    Thanks again for your help - I'm sure I'll have lots more questions for you soon !!!
  • hello and welcome!

    i think a lot of your questions have been answered so just wanted to wish you all the best with the wedding and then with ttc.

    good luck xxxx
  • Thanks very much !!!

    It's only just really occured to me how close the TTC is ! I've been counting down to the wedding without realising that it is the same countdown for TTC. Very exciting !

    If anyone has any tips for what I should be doing to prepare I'd be grateful - am about to go and steal any tight looking pants out of OH's drawers - ha ha !
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