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OMG.... Implantation???

Hi girls,

Today is CD24 and am 8 dpo... I think I've had implantation bleeding today :\?

I had it with my last pregnancy at 9/10 dpo and the next day got my BFP so this weekend I had thought to keep an eye out for anything as had it last time. Just went to the loo and had brown discharge (yuk tmi!!) and slight red/brown when wiped.

I've never had a cycle this short before so don't think it can be AF but gonna just keep an eye on it and see how things go over the next few days as you're only supposed to have it as spotting for up to 3 days.

I feel sooooooo nervous that it could actually have happened this month, it's our first month of trying after MMC and ERPC. It is soooo what I want to the point of its all I can think about but I'm also very scared of what could be if it's true, if my body is ready, if it will be sticky etc etc

Af should be due about Thursday and not sure when to test, how long can I hold out??? Don't really want to do it before work in the week as DH won't be there, but can I wait til next sat?? At least then if AF isn't here i will know i am late. OMG, I want to know now!!

Thanks for reading, hope you're enjoying the sunshine!! Have a great wkend xxx


  • Hi Amber,

    Fingers crossed this is the one for you! image
    Your worries must all be natural but tryas best you can not to worry honey.

    I am also due to test next thurs morning but for same reasons will wait til sat. I don't know how long I will wait - maybe we can try to be be patient together? lol

    In any case report back on saturday with an update.
    Lots of luck xxx
  • I think you can wait! Just imagine seeing those 2 lines with hubby there with you, and like you say, lessens the chance of BFN.

    Remember early testing is not good!

    Good luck hun!
  • ooooooo sounds good try hold out testing as long as u can image xxxx
  • Thanks ladies,

    I'm defo gonna try to wait til next sat to test or at least til Thursday when AF is due. You're right lady, I want to do it with DH so we can be excited together!!

    Good luck for Thurs Robin, yes we should keep each other company duing the wait - god it's going to be a long week!!

    Hopefully I'll be back with some good next next weekend!! Wish me luck!! xx
  • Hi Amber,

    Been thinking of you - have you tested yet?

    I've tested already and gotten a BFN unfortunately but its still a bit early to test tbh.

    Wishing you well x
  • Thanks for your concern Robin81

    Sadly, AF arrived and I've been too depressed to update!! Hit me pretty hard as it was our first month ttc after MMC @ 14 weeks.

    How are you doing?? Sorry to hear about your BFN, maybe too early to test? I read about your probs after coming off the pill, I had really bad headaches when I came off. Hope you feel better soon and get your BFP!! xx
  • Oh hon (hugs). Sorry she arrived but here's hoping next month will bring something.
    I'm starting to feel a bit better now headache wise thank goodness.
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