anyone go on you and your wedding? OMG im seriously having withdrawal symptoms! i thought it would be working today image o no! i havent been on for like 4 days! i dont even no how many days away the wedding is now! i think its around 50? please hurry up and fix YAYW xxxxxxxxx


  • I am totally having withdrawal symptons too and I am bloody married!! I miss the General chat and seeing all the lovely Newlyweds!

    I want it back too xx
  • yeah same! grr x
  • Me too!!!! I think it's working now though isn't it?!?! I went in earlier and got into the log-in stage but it said I was putting in my details wrong so won't be able to go in until tommorow when I can check my hotmail account. Grrrrr xx
  • yeah same happened to me! so im guessing its still not working? image
  • Its still down? God they are taking ages......

  • yeah! image *giggles* that chilli MPP makes me laugh every time i see it lol xx
  • Just my luck! The day I get a CBD BFP and I can't shout it from the rooftoops on YAYW! Pesky YAYW! xx
  • yeah! image *giggles* that chilli MPP makes me laugh every time i see it lol xx

    Yeah its right in your face, you can tell what it is when you 1st look at it, I get embarassed looking at it sometimes :lol:

  • lol i no beckywoo! the girls on there are probly all in supsense wondering if u r or arnt!

    MPP *blushes* me too, it looks so real (but smaller of course hahaha lol x
  • i went on earlier today and it worked, but i could only view one page of each thread - was trying to check in on the april bfp thread.
  • Ha ha it is definitely quite obvious what it is MPP!!! It's very clearly a chilliimage xx
  • i didn't even know it was not working!! oops!!

    i had an email saying its back yesterday!!

    i wander how long it is till my 1st anniversary!!
  • WOOHOO! i think its fixed! had to change my password, also it dont email u wen someone replys to a post image how annoying! and i dont no how to change it! confused! x
  • aww justarascal that happened to me, i had to click on 'dont remember password' then they sent me a new password which hasd been reset image xxxxx
  • Hi ladies- Im also on YAYW and it still won't let me log on!!! I've even tried setting up a new account and it wont let me-been trying for a few days now!! Its so annoying-I HATE the new layout!!!x
  • how annoying! it did that to me yesterday..and now that im logged in, i dont get emails when someone replys to a post, and cant see any posts that i have done, so its poo! im sooo confused atm! i hope they dont do that to BE! x
  • I was addicted to YAYW with my first marriage. I then came onto this website in 2008 then everything went pair shaped last year. I am now divorcing and have a new partner who I am TTC with. We will eventually get married but it won't be the huge big white wedding I had in 2007. I am looking forward to using the YAYW website again...eventually one thing at a time xx


  • oooo may see u soon then shoegal, good luck TTC hun xxx
  • Thanks, *me*! Fingers crossed xx


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