lend me some pma plz ladies!

hi everyone, just wanting a bit of a moan really, i'm already getting fed up with this ttc malarky and i've barely started! we finally decided to start trying in september after putting waiting since april and then the first month hubby was ill just exactly at the wrong time right over my ov days so we were delayed another month and I am now on CD 38 with no sign of AF and i've taken 3 ultra super-duper early pregnancy tests which were negative which combined with a complete lack of symptoms makes me pretty sure i'm not pregnant. why is my body taunting me like this! i've had fairly irratic cycles but this is the longest i've ever had! argh!
sorry for the moan anyway - feel free to moan back if you wish image


  • thanks lovewithin. quite randomly i got af about 10 mins after posting that. obviously that got me down but i do feel relieved to know whats going on now and be onto another cycle!
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