Im on a 2ww for ov, anyone else?

Im on cd7 and think im due to ov around cd20 so im just sitting around tapping my feet awaiting the big day! lol Im trying digital ov sticks for the 1st time this month but i cant start them till cd16/17 so im bored now but very excited. xx


  • yes me!!! cd3
    although we're not really meant to be trying this mth as im about to change jobs! it's the worst tww as theres nothing you can do, well accept practise! lol!!!
    due to ov around the 14th June so got a long while to wait!!!
  • All this waiting is a killer isnt it? xx
  • I'm on cd3 and due to ov cd12-14 so not quite as long as you ladies. My donor is available so I'm trying to build up the pma!!
    Do you ever feel like all you are doing is living your life in 2 week intervals-count down to ov and then count down veerrrry sssslllloooowwwwllllyyyy to af or poas time?
  • I think our cycles are a little bit in sync! Although I think mine is shorter than yours!

    I'm on CD8 - due to ovulate on CD14 I think. I have ovulated on CD14 for the last 3 months and my luteal phase is only about 10-12 days.

    We're starting tonight to stock me up as hubby goes away Friday morning until Sunday night! But I think we might be okay for early next week which is when I'm due to ovulate. Not doing an OPK this month as going by the last 3 months, I feel pretty confident I do ovulate on CD14.

    We're very up and down this month about whether to properly try or not... if I get pregnant this month I'll be 6-7 weeks ish when we go to Florida. Probably not ideal with tiredness and sickness! I think I have told this story 5million times on here now!

    Anyway, at the moment we're still going for it so hopefully the next week will fly past!!!!!!!

    Good luck everyone else!!!!!

  • LOL at stocking up Mrs Joo!!!!!!!
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