I'm back - did ya miss me?

Hi ladies, I'm finally back after my internet went down. As an update for you all I was due to test but started spotting so thought af was arriving. Turned out spotting was all I was in for; it got a little heavier but not enough to use a tampon and only lasted a day. So I wondered & took a test, BFN.

I decided to leave it a few days & tested again - BFN, so am counting that light bleed as CD1. Kept up with the opks & got a positive on tuesday 4th, so BD'd that night but then came down with flu!!!! So really dont think we've done it this month as only BD'd the once & have since been so ill (whilst still looking after lo!) I doubt my body would have been able to cope with implanting a baby!! Not sure how long my LP is as never had a positive opk before, so think I will leave it until a week sat and if no af will test then, af will be late by then.

Huge congrats to everybody who has got their BFPs whilst I was away! Hope the rest of you I've been chatting to get yours soon, and hello to any newbies!!! :\)


  • Hiya hun... welcome back!

    normally its 14 days after a positve opk but everyone is different! fingers crossed for your BFP as you never know just what our bodies are up too!

    Babydust xx
  • hey garfield welcome bach hun

    ahhh limbo hate that place good luck hun i have been getting V.V.V faint lines on PG tests and done one one yesterday and the line came up then dissipated but when it came up with the line i phoned for a DR appointment and got one for today well now its going to be why did the test do that and am i PG?
  • Ooh that sounds positive (no pun intended) meagnella! Never heard of a test that did that hon, but hopefully the doc will be able to shed some light on it for you. Fingers crossed & good luck for the appointment!

    I was really convinced last month so taking it easy from now on - had horrendous cramps right up to and through the one day af, plus for days afterwards, to the extent I wondered whether I was pg & it wasn't going to stick, but not had a heavy bleed to suggest mc, so have given up trying to understand my body, Jennifuree!!

    Let us know what the docs says meagnella.

  • hiya garfield, welcome back! wondered where u had got too, i was off for a week aswell, sorry bout ur bfn image it will be our time soon, i hope! seems to be taking forever! xxxx

    good luck meagnella,
  • yay your back xxxx sorry u were ill and ur internet stopped working xx so good to see you back here xxx
    baby dust to us all x
  • Yeah what happened with you *me*? Guess seeing as how you're still around you didn't get your BFP?

    How is the wedding planning going? YOu must have pretty much everything sorted now!! Not long, is it?! :\)

    And I'll second that demelza - tons of baby dust all round!!
  • na no bfp for me either image i had food poisening, which would explian why i had funny tummy feeling and sickness! lol, so was off for a week. yeah got everything sorted, 9 days to go, then i wont be on BE for almost 3 weeks! so busy the 2 days b4!

    baby dust to everyone image xxxxxxxx
  • Hay Garfield!! I did wonder where you had got too!!! Lol

    sorry to hear about being poorly!! But yaay for the pos ov stick!!!

    I got a pos ov stick last week so yaaay for a short cycle! It's driving me crazy knowing I'm in the 2 ww so I am thinking every twinge is something it's driving me nuts!!! Lol

    how's everything going and lo?

  • Well I'm still really ill - my dad told me I sounded like I was talking around a golf ball earlier today, thanks dad! That really made me feel better! lol

    Lo is teething and not sleeping which really doesn't help at all, so very tired and fed up. So with my body being so wrecked from him not sleeping plus having had flu, I woulnd't be able to tell if I had any symptoms anyway!! Hardest part is not being able to take anything stronger than paracetemol, just in case :\(

    *me*, so sorry to hear about the food poisoning! It hasn't been our month has it?! Can't believe the wedding is only 9 days away!! So exciting image

    And big yey for you MrsJC on the shorter cycle! That must be a relief!!
  • Ah Hun sounds like you've been through it a bit!! Hope you get better soon!!! Poor lo too!!

    Big hugs
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