Please share your ovulation symptoms!

Hi Ladies,

to summarise my story - am roughly about 10 weeks with no AF after coming off pill in Jan.

On Thurs last week I think I may have ovulated though not sure. I was moody, extremely tired and had a headache. I also came up in a couple of spots where I never normally get one (like my eyebrow - what's that all about!!). I had no cramps or pain on either side but thought as these symptoms lasted for about 3 days or so I may have ovulated. I've since developed a cracking cold so now think these may all have been signs my cold was coming so would really really like to hear your ovulation symptoms so I know what types of things to look for if and when I do ovulate.

thank you xxx


  • hiya,
    my ov symtoms are bad af type cramping for about 2-3 days, then sore boobs from ov to af. can be moody and irritable. have had the same every month for 16 months now. and its around cd 13 it starts
    this month however my boobs are not hurting at all, not one bit, and my body temp rose soon after ov too which is throwing me as not noticed that before!!!

    i've read that some ladies don't even know if they've ov, some ladies bleed, everyone is diff.

    did u have a pill bleed?? it can take a while for pill to come out of system

    anyway not sure if i've helped at all, our bodies are a complete mystery, but wishing you loads of luck
    han x
  • Hi Hannah,

    Thanks for sharing, yes I did have a withdrawal bleed but nothing for the past 10 weeks which is very frustrating but hoping that as I near the 3 month mark I might start ovulating soon!!

  • Hey, I get stabby pains, AF type dull ache and that 'heavy' feeling! Plus a change in my CM, it goes all slippery (sorry TMI). I get this for approx 3 days. I also get spots on my chin and although I don't chart temp, I get baking hot at night!

    There are other things that I never attributed to OV until I came on here! Such as headaches and general moodiness/emotional that I always assumed was PMT! x
  • jus thought have u done a pg test?
  • hi hun, i normally get little niggles in my tummy, and then EWCM, and that it really, and normally a spot or two, my pelvis sometimes aches a bit aswell? no idea y!? LOL at the eyebrow spot! fingers crossed u get either ur AF or BFP soon! x
  • Hi Hannah, I've done many many pregnancy tests over the past 8 weeks - all BFN, I haven't done one for a while (well I say a while but in reality it's only 2 weeks lol!) as can't take the disappointment of BFN staring me in the face!! Certainly don't feel as though I'm pregnant but may do a test on Thurs next week as if i did ovulate (but doubt it) that would be about 2 weeks.

    Oh I hate all this not knowing!!!!

    *stamps feet*
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