Oh Well................

AF arrived 4 days early - wasnt due until Thursday !!!


  • Sorry about that-at least you havent got the anticipation longer if she was on time or even late. Good luck for next month!
  • Oh no not another witch turning up and ruin things!! Im sorry hun what a rotten start to your bank holiday! I hope she keeps away for next month hun, good luck xxx
  • Good luck for next time hunny, its rubbish isn't it - mine arrived today image xx Good luck next month xx
  • I'm a bit pi**ed but my aim is to be pg before september so there is still plenty of time. its only the 2nd month so i'm not too worred - at least my cycle is quite short.

    Feel a bit rough though as natural AF is not the same and a withdrawl bleed from the pill - mine started without any symptoms at all and caught me totally unaware.
  • Sorry bettyo and minimonkey that she found you. She's still looking for me, but I could be joining you sioon! Good luck for next month. xx
  • Yipppeee mithical she hasnt found you yet, what cd are you on? xx
  • I'm now CD 32. She came at CD 30 last month, but still not sure if af just irregular due to stopping the pill. Had one day without my aches and niggles, then they came back. Not sure what to make of it all. xx

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