Anyone got a bfp after using ov sticks?

Hi ladies i was wondering if anyone had got their bfp after using these, im just looking for some encouragement as ive started to use them. Any positive stories?? xxx


  • hello,i got a bfp with my ds,started to use them again but didnt get a + at all on this cycle but i must have ov to have af show up so must have peaked early in the day,iam gonna try and test at the same time each day like i did before

  • What time did you used to test? hope you dont mind me asking but is it best to bd on the day you get the positive or the next day or both? Sorry questions, questions, i just want to maximise my chances. xx
  • Ohhhh thanks ladies im feeling so much more positive now, just gotta wait for my smiley face! lol. xxx
  • i think i was testing dinner time-ish but cant really remember but i do know (cos ive kept my 2006 diary,iam so sentamental (sp?) :lol: ) we bd the day before and 2 days after,had a impantation bleed 7dpo,lasted 5 days and i tested 25dpo and got my bfp :lol: hth

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