THe 6+ month TTCers!

Hi Ladies!!

Welcome to the new super duper thread!

Here are the fabulous 6+ month team!

Mrs Cake
Sparkling Diamond

Add your names and I will add them if you like image I got a bit lost with the dates and things so just a list of names for now!!

This is the lucky thread!!

Lots of baby dust
Mrs cake xxx

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  • yay! A new thread! thanks mrs cake.

    Canuckmom hope you and hubby are enjoying each other. i know you missed ov but am sort of jealous of you enjoying each other without the baby making pressure. by the time the end of the month comes along we have had enough!
    Bubb4 us how you doing hun?
    By the way sweetie, i have been trying since nov but upsi since may/june last year. we are both 31 and been married for 1 half years. we have a dog who is our surrogate baby at the mo! xx
  • i dont test chick but can i still play lol image
  • hey there!! can you put me down as testing on july 5th hun, have been ttc since sept 09 xxxx
  • Of course! Just a new thread because the other one was sooooooo massive!! People don't have to add their details at all.

    I am not feeling very positive today, af due soon and I just can't imagine ever getting that second line! I just keep thinking that if I was PG I would 'just know' and I just feel the same as always!!! Booooooo!

    How is everyone else?? Xx
  • i know what you mean chick,which is 1 reason why i dont test early coz i think i will just know when its finally happened,im hoping i do anyways lol

    im not confident most months,i cant mind the last time i was actually positive about a month TBH x
  • Put me down hun! Will need to work out when AF is due, on CD3 at the moment, was not a happy bunny! lol! xxx
  • Hey! Will add you all when I can get to the pc and not my phone! I am not testing either anymore just waiting untill af turns up or not! If I have them in the house I can't help it so I just don't buy them! Xx
  • Hehe, that last thread was getting massive! On CD16 here, still waiting for ovulation - has been between CD21 and CD24 the last few months, so getting down to some serious BD'ing over the weekend. Hoping England win on Sunday to put DH in the mood - if they lose, can't see me getting any that night! image

    There's actually no-one pregnant in our family right now for the first time in about 4 years, but it's a mixed blessing as all I'm hearing is ooh, when are you having another, don't want to leave it too long etc., Yeah, thanks, trust me, we want it to happen more than you do, and all the comments REALLY don't help. Argh!

    Hannah xx

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  • Hello,

    Thanks for all the support. I felt like I had a black cloud over me yesterday and tbh, I've put on a brave face today at work but I've been feeling the same devastation. It's hit me so hard because my colleague got pg accidentally last year [when I was already ttc with no luck] and didn't want the baby. She was considering a termination and that really upset me [of course, it was her choice and none of my business]. Then, she sadly mc'd. But then she's pg again three months later and this time she wants the baby. How can people like that get pg so easily?!? Changing their minds like they're picking out a new dress not creating a whole new human life?!?

    I'm sorry for the rant. I don't want to bring any of you lovely ladies down.

    I'm sure I'll feel better soon and the PMA will be back. I'm signing off for now but I'll be returning when I'm feeling a bit chirpier. Have a good weekend all.
  • hi bubblicious, really sorry you are having such a bad time at the mo. having a be break over weekend may do you good. hope you manage to switch off a bit.
    starina, hope england win for you!
    well i am back on cd1...booooo. feeling better than usual for some reason. think i just knew it wasnt my month. Grudie i dont like testing early either hun (waste of money and get v upset) but i always put my tesing date as my due date. may help us all to support each other if we share cycles. Though I dont want this thread to just become a list of dates either as the old one was great and i think you ladies really helped me through the month. Maybe thats why this cd1 is a bit easier. Thank you all!

    ps ia m calling docs on monday to book an appoint and when i get to them i am going to be pushier than last time. do you think i should make 2 appointments for me and hub or one for both of us. can they send us both if appoint is in one name? silly question i know xx
  • Hi everyone
    Aww bubblibious so sorry you are feeling so down, I really do know how you feel about the black cloud. It surprises me how much it can hurt but also how you can then suddenly find y our PMA again.

    I second what people are saying about the list of dates, I don't what it to become that either but just knowing where we all are in our cycles might help.

    Sorry to hear that you are on CD 1 Samsa image But also good to hear that you are feeling ok. I hope you don't mind me saying but I felt terrible last night because I know my AF is due but after reading your post I have also managed to feel better about it. The fact you have managed to stay more positive has given me the lift I need - thank you!!

    Also Samsa - was it you that mentioned you always get OV pains or whatever just on one side??

    Hey stsarina - have a great weekend in the sack!!

    Hey Cass82 - sorry you are on CD3 - hope you are ok!

    Welcome back Sally!!!

    Mrs cake xxxx

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  • Hi girls, I'm in 9th month ttc, on 6dpo at the moment.... not feeling at all hopeful about this month and had a "woe is me" moment last night but I've recovered a bit and am trying to be more positive!

    ETA: I'll be testing on 3rd July, the day before my 30th birthday

    Baby dust to all!

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  • Hi all!

    I'm currently 9DPO and I'm testing 1st July. Well, technically I'm testing 27th, 29th and 1st lol but that's just coz I want to get rid of all my hpt's this month.

    So I'm officially testing 1st July.

    Let's hope this is a lucky thread!!

  • Hello, can you add me pleeaaasse?!! I am on CD 9 and usually have a 25 (ish) day cycle, although since ttc it has varied from 23-27! Am next due July 13th and am going to (try) not test until at least then! As I have only just started posting, I'm hoping that I will have lots of baby dust rubbed on me!! Good luck to everyone x
  • I'll be testing in September :lol: I just worked out my AF before then is due on our 4th wedding anniversary at the end of August - that'll be fun :roll:

    bubblicious - to you. TTC can be so hard esp. when others like co-worker just fall pregnant w/o giving it a 2nd thought. As Mrs Cake said, please keep up the PMA, we're all here together and know how it feels.

    Since we "talk" so often, I'll give you my first name. Hi I'm Heather.


  • hi everybody, I am back from my break, not trying so much at the moment so not counting days, I am still trying to loose more weight but having lost 12lbs in 3weeks I feel a lot more positive image
    we are at it like bunnies at the moment(sorry TMI) and it is so much fun as I have no clue when I OVed and OH didn't have any problems performing as there was no pressure image))))
    I hope we all get our BFPs really soon

    Lots of PMA to everybody. I have lots so whoever wants some just give me a shout image))
  • Shuck, how are you losing the weight if you don't mind me asking? Is it sensible eating? I am sooo struggling to lose weight and think this is part of my problem of not getting pregnant as overweight. I somehow managed to put 2 stone on in a year of marriage, talk about being content!! I've tried all major diets - slimming world, weight watchers, trying to eat sensibly - aarrggh why is food so yummy, well all the bad foods anyway?!! Can someone please wave a magic wand so it will all disappear? lol
  • Hi guys...add me to the list!!I'm on CD7 at the moment so not due AF 'til around 25th July.Hoping there's lots of BDing this month as we have lots of weddings and parties so plenty of opportunities!We're stepping up our game this month aswell and going for BDing every second day and hoping for the best. The news of OHs cousin's wife being 10 weeks pg really shocked me. I was inconsolable on Thursday night and still teary yesterday but I'm getting my head together now and obviously I'm happy for them...I just wish it was us.It seems so unfair that they didn't want any kids just now and we've been trying for months but they just find out that they're accidentally 10 weeks pg!! image Life makes no sense!Thanks for all your support though,I appreciate it & definitely know how you feel Bubblicious- so if you need to vent anytime I'm in the same boat and always free to chat!!

    Samsa that's so wierd,you're like me,our dog is our only baby at the moment and we've been trying since Nov too. Hubby's 32 and my 24th bday is next week...same day as you PrincessMimi!!!Birthday buddies!! image Let's hope we can be pregnancy buddies too!Hope you get your BFP on the 3rd! P.S. Samsa I just made an app with the doc for myself and explained the situation and doc did a pelvic exam and bloods and gave me a pot for hubby and the forms etc and told me if we wanted to have the SA done just to take the sample up with my details on the form and then we would still get the results but as it was,hubbys name was on the sample so the results went back to him anyway!Hope this helps!

    MrsCake I'm with you - OUR TIME WILL COME!! (I just hope it's super soon!) xxxx
  • janiejane, I tried slimming world too and it just didn't work, if you tell me I can eat as much as I like I do LOL
    so I started with the special K 2week challenge and that got me into watching what I eat, I have lots to loose so it started quickly but is slowing down now but I am finally happy with eating less, I see it as teaching myself how to eat properly as I have been overweight since I was 18months old in obese since I was 6. and I want to teach my children how to eat properly
    Oh, and I give myself a day off every two weeks when I am a pig and munch chocolate and stuff LOL so that is something to look forward to image

  • Hi all

    Please add me to the list am CD17 today but not sure when to test longest cycle has been 44days so should i test CD45, doc told me to wait a week past my longest cycle but its just tooooo long will see how I feel nearer the time.

    Is anyone itching to test now lol? am trying not to be as obsessive see if it works he he

    So put my testing date down as - 24 July image

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