Anyone else just ovulated?? 2dpo...

Hello Ladies,

It is my first 2ww since we had a TTC break after a chemical pregnancy in August...I am 2dpo.

It's already feeling like it's going to be an incredibly long wait...anyone else just ovulated and want to be cycle buddies??



  • Hi CC

    yup me image i will be your cycle buddie, im using my CBFM for the first time this month and had highs yesterday and the day before so i guess that puts me 1 dpo, i think thats how it works anyway....

    yup 2 ww is going to be very long, will try to hold off testing early to avoid chemical pregnancey.

    in the mean time lets dance around in a valley full of baby dust together lol

    good luck xx xx xx xx
  • Hi,

    sorry to G/C, but have you had your peak yet Littlebug, cos if not then you haven't ov just yet, I had 10 highs before my 1st peak on my first month of using CBFM.

  • Hi Rainbow

    Sorry i was having a blonde moment, what i meant was i have had two peaks ( had 6 highs on the lead up to it )

    ( not to confuse things.... i keep thinking that what CBFM class as a high i see as a meduim)

    thanks, i am new to this and need a bit of help some times image xx
  • That's great, longs as you've had your peak!

  • Hi ladies,

    Sorry to hear about your chemical pregnancy CC, fingers crossed this is your month for a sticky bean as well as yours littlebug.

    I am 3DPO today. My last cycle had a LP of 11 days which would make me due AF on 16th of this month. Really hoping she doesn't turn up!! Lets all try and not SS together, although i have a feeling that will be easier said than done, lol! xx

  • Hello Ladies,

    Thanks so much for replying- I like having cycle buddiesimage

    I think I am due af around the 19th/20th as I have a fairly long LP but I have decided I will test on the 18th.

    I think it's a good idea we discourage SS- although it's going to be hard because I am blatantly going to think every twinge is a symptom! Lol!

  • I'm 5dpo and its going so slow!!!
  • hi ladies, can i join u? i am 5dpo and its harder than i thought it would be. on month 1 of ttc and have watched month by month others going through it but i didn't realise it would be so hard not to think about it, lemon cupcake snap! im due af next sat and although i have no symptoms i'm a bit nervous of testing when its time! anyway, good luck to you all. glad there are others who have to not ss next week as well as me, baby dust to all xxx
  • I need a new pass time to distract me!! Anyone think of anything?
  • Hi, can I join you too? Im 5 dpo today of attempt 20 something-I've lost count!!! I have a bit of PMA but not much as I find it hard to believe it might happen this time when it hasn't all the rest.
    Sorry to hear about your chem preg CC, I had one last year so I know how crap it is.
    Good luck everyone!
  • Helen, just recon its taking longer coz you only get one attempt a month whereas we are getting a few days. Hopefully this is the one...
  • Well fertilityfriend has shot my ovulation back 2 days so am now back to 3DPO today. Will test on 19th November now. Fingers crossed thats a good sign! x
  • Hello Ladies!!

    How are we all...I am 4dpo...god it's going slow!

    Have had a busy weekend though so didn't think about it much yesterday went out for lunch and shopping and then to see a friend in a band with all my family lastnight so has been lovely. Whats everyone else been up to? Just think this time next week the wait will almost be over! image

  • Hey charlie_chalk. Glad you have been keeping busy this weekend. I feel the wait is even longer for me now my ovulation day is set back 2 days but i'm sure it will fly by (yeah right!) We went to a bonfire/firework part last night which was good fun. Not up to much today, hubby's chilling in front of the tele and i'm browsing the net. Hopefully our wait until testing will be worth it when we all get those big fat juicy 2 lines! x

  • How are we doing today (also known as 5dpo) ladies??image

  • Hello ladies I will join I am 4DPO mu cycles seem to be a bit random last couple of months so not sure what thats about I have had tender breasts and feel like they have swelled up today ??
    Good Luck Ladies oh yes also I think my BFP is due 18th Nov image xxx
  • Put my temperature in fertilityfriend again today and it put my ovulation back to the original Tues 3rd November so will test on 17th November when I WILL get my BFP. PMA PMA PMA!!!

    So much for the not symptom spotting, i have been having cramping this morning and trying not to read to much into it, it's probably just wind lol! x
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