advice plz girles x...maybe tmi...


im CD23 and 9DPO............

i was just changing my bedding and all off a sudden i felt like id wet myself so i though AF had showed early, went 2 the bathroom and it was loads of CM.....and earlier i was standing tlking 2 my DD and went all faint and hot and had 2 sit down, id had breakfast so now it werent tht???

anyone else had these b4??

ty in advance
xx holly xx:\)


  • hi hols - always seems to be me replying to your they are just what i'm feeling! i had the 'wet' feeling a few days ago and today was sitting watching telly and felt all wierd and sick and like i had a hangover - like a fuzzy head. it was wierd!
    i hope they are all good signs for both of us. i am tempted to test tomorrow morning - as i have 4 SD tests sitting tempting me! please slap me!
  • HI hun, thanks 4 reply. I just had It again and got dull tummy ache,I'm due on 5th gonna try hold out but will prob fail lol
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