CD28 no af - too scared to test!

The title says it all really, dont know how long my cycle is yet and want to know but dont want the disappointment of a bfn. If i dont test i can just pretend for a little longer that i am pregnant. Please no af, please no af, please no af!

Anyone in the says boat as me? xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • Fingers crossed you get your bfp!x
  • Me!!!!
    Except im on CD 35!
    I did a test CD31 and got BFN and have been to scared to test since.
  • oh mrs dickenson - how long are your cycles?
  • mostly 28-30 days.
    Last month was 34 but im sure this was done to wedding stress. Ive been off the pill since January.
    I keep thinking that I could be - got sore boobs off and on and the same with feeling sick, but thats about it - other than no af.
    This would be a honeymoon baby if we have been lucky enough.
    I think im gonna test in the morning, this has gone on long enough!

    Are you thinking to do a test?
  • i might be with you then and do a test. Am doing tesco order so may get a test delivered!!!! What do you think? YOu have some promising symptoms, how is the sickness? Is it when you get hungry or tired?
  • its so tempting isnt it!?
    I think if i was it would show up by now, so I think I should take the plunge. Just dont want another negative test, I would be so gutted.

    The sickness seems to come around mid morning and mid afternoon. I just try and eat something and it does seem to help a little. some days have been worse than others.

    I have been really tired, but im not sure if that is anything different to normal! I also had little white spot/bumps on my nipples last night and ive read that can be a sign.

    How about you.....any symptoms?
  • That does sound promising! I know its so scary to think we could be but that that same bfn might be there too. I have not had any symptoms except tiredness. Last time i was pregnant i got very sore nipples and the spots were blood red, and as i havent got this again i dont hold up much hope. YOur symptoms sound better and better!!! Test now!!! I want to know!!

  • AHHHHHHHHHHH mrs dickson i have the white spot bumps too!!!! and my boobs have got bigger, ohhhh i hope its a pg for you cos it might b a pg for me!!!! good luck both of you, em are you gonna test??? xxxx
  • i am getting myself right at it anyway. I sit on the forum and watch Baby story/ Portland babies at the same time. Talk about OTT!
  • I have never been pregnant before, so I dont have anything to compare this too!
    I just keep thinking the fact that I have no AF is my best sign.

    Last week I had the feeling AF was going to arrive but it hasnt and period type pains are pretty much gone, only very mild now and not persistant.

    Twizzlepie - are you going to test?? Im so scared my heart is racing at the thought!
  • i want to test, dont have one in house. Im too scared as am quite happy at the moment in creating a little pregnancy fantasy for the day befor ethe dreaded aunt drops in! I might try and wait till friday????!!!!! I have had no preg symptoms but equally no af symptoms either!
  • Its so crap isnt it?!
    I dont know what to do for the best, but I think if i do a test in the morning and it is BFN then atleast I can stop with the am i arnt i!
  • Thats true, sometimes its best just to know and then you can get on with your life for the rest of the month. I might get a test this afternoon and join you in the morning! well, goodluck to us anyone else testing soon. xxxxxx
  • Let me know how you get on Em and I will be sure to post my result, whatever it is.
  • And you. WIll post tomorrow luch time ish xxxxxx
  • oooo how many dpo are you?
  • Im not too sure, I havent been using ov sticks, but i think i should have ovulated around the 16th/17th June.
  • im not testing till next week cos ive had 26 day cycle, 31 and 35 so im gonna wait till 36, im sure i ov on day 10 though so fingers crossed!!!! youve both got to post tomoz!! xxxx
  • tomorrow will be my CD36! So maybe that will be a good one for us both!

    God I really need to get on with some work, but my head is all over the place!
  • just wanted to say good luck ladies with the testing and hope you get your bfp's!!! x
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