Am I out this month? (AGAIN...) Possible TMI

Prepare for TMI.

I'm on day 24 of a 27/28 day cycle and, as I usually do around this time of the month - I've had a sharp rise in horniness... Grrrr. Quite nice but also probably a bad sign. image

I'm assuming that if I normally get this before my period, it means my period is coming.

Does anyone else have this and do they know what causes it and if it is a sign of a BPN is it possible to have it but still get a BFP? I'm assuming its something to do with hormones.



  • I sometimes get that but can often put it down to the weather: hot weather equals hot passion for me!
  • I would not say you are out just based on you feeling this way honey?? Our bodies do mad things when we are due on and when we are preg so it could be either really.

    I would wait till AF is due and then do a test and see what happens image

    K xx
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