help sorry maybe to much info

Hi Girls

Its our first month of ttc, i am unable to calculate when i am ov as im so irregular. my af came on 16th of jan and i today am having ewcm but its like cream not stretchyn sorry tmi. does this still mean im due to ov, if so when should we start bding? x


  • I'm no ov expert I'm afraid, ewcm is a bit of a mystery to me. Try using the ov calculator on Gurgle. I've used it in the past in conjunction with ov sticks and for me it was very reliable.

  • ov calculators only work if u know ur cycle length. i'm a ttc newbie too, and also have no idea when i'm going to ov as altho most of my cycles are regular last month was all over the place. from what i've read, u get the creamy stuff a few days before it turns to the clear stringy stuff, the stringy stuff apparantly is when u have highest chance of getting pregnant and usually starts right before (1-2days) u ov. hth xx
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