Another month, another faint line...

Good morning ladies.
My story in brief - came off pill in Nov last year, first cycle lasted 42 days, during that time I did a couple of FR hpt's, one of them came up with a vvvvvvv faint line, so waited a couple of days before I repeated, and nothing, so waited for AF to visit.
This month, I have completely guessed my cycle, but had a feeling I ov-ed about 12-14 days ago. So decided to join the many others who were testing today. Pee'd on a Superdrug test, went to feed the dog, came back (about 3-4 mins after peeing) and had a faint line, but barely visable. Then put it on the windowsill. went to let the dog out, came back (about 2 mins later) and the line had darkened (still faint though, I must point out). I really don't want to get my hopes up as have been here before.
Plus I am going to a night in with the girls tonight, and had hoped for a definate positive or negative, so I knew whether I could have a couple of glasses of wine or not. (I won't, just in case).
Guess I'll just have to wait a couple of days and test again.
:roll: :roll:
Thanks for reading girls, just needed to vent, you don't need to reply x x


  • Hi Ruthiespon - could you test with a FR or a CBD to double check?
    Good luck to you hun x
  • Hi Hun (congratulations!!) I was thinking of poas again, maybe several! But as it was a faint line, with fmu, I figure I am probably best to wait and see if those good ol' hcg levels increase (if they are there at all). I will keep you posted. Now you go and put your feet up and enjoy your fantastic news!! x x
  • You sound so calm Ruthiespoon. When you test next time why don't you do it in a throwaway cup so you can use the same fmu sample for a few tests- am i obsessed?
  • It does sound promising- I agree with Kaiti B about having a pee pot lol!
  • just make sure its a throwaway one- i used a tupperware one once and even tho i properly cleaned it out i couldn't ever use it again altho hubby did for trifle of all things and i almost wet myself laughing when i told him wot i had used it for.
    his horrified expression was totally worth it esp as we had people over for a christmas party who obviously didn't know we were ttc so he had to keep it quiet. lmao x
  • Haa haa!! Kaiti, I just pmsl reading that!!
    I think I will take your advice though, just need to find something to pee in now!
    I do feel pretty calm, and I would give anything for this to be my BFP, but deep down I know it is a long shot, so I am trying not to get my hopes up too much. Hubby is away at the moment as well, so I think that's keeping me a little bit calmer, as I don't have him saying, "I can't see any second line." Which I think he'd say just to protect me.
    Keep everything crossed for me girls, and I will update you on Monday (if I can wait until then!) x x
  • Hahahahaha I love that Kaiti! I have a wee cup but I disinfect it between uses and it lives in the bathroom cupboard so no chance of it getting used for coffee! (Although in my less Christian moments I have been tempted to serve MIL her tea in it!!) xx
  • Mrs R you are giving me ideas haha
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