Was it like this last month?

The question I keep asking myself....was my skin this greasy, did I have this cramping at this time last month, did I still have very watery milk like cm 8 days after ov, did my lower back hurt, did i have this funny taste in my mouth and most importantly surely its too early for pg signs yet also too early for af signs?!?!

Oh how I wish was it was 50 years ago where we didnt have the magic of google to search for every twinge or change in cm, when pg tests were something you had a at a docs after the 2ww and not something you could buy by the dozen off ebay, when symptoms were brushed aside until the BFP at the docs and when infertility and ivf were far from a scientists mind let alone the ladies of a maternal age.

Please make these next 6 days go faster so I can either get a bfp or start the month again.


  • Awww hun, the waiting is a killer isnt it? Only 5 days to go now, hope you get your bfp. xxx
  • I know exactly what you mean. The wait is agony, and you analyse every little twinge. I was on the pill, but before and on a break from it - I didn't get ov pain or af signs just after ov! I'm back on CD 1, but had niggles, aches, pains and twinges of one kind or another for all of the 2ww! It is just cruel, what our bodies do to us!

    You've still got time for your bfp, hope af stays away. Lots of baby dust! xx
  • Waiting to test is frustating isn't it!! Lots of fingers crossed for a bfp for you, that is a lot of symptoms so you never know xxx
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