I'm taking this as a sign...

I was driving home from work yesterday and I was following a lorry. On the back it had 2 signs saying ttc! I was like image and then the mud flaps on the wheels said something like open access! I'm taking that as a sign from fate lol!

I have my last scan appt today. It would have been a growth scan but I'll just be checking all has passed and I'm clear to carry on ttc!

Wish me luck


  • sending u a big hug for what you have been through and wishing u luck xx

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  • Wishing you lots of luck and here's hoping they were all good signs.

  • Take every sign you can hun ... lots of luck to you.

  • good luck hunni- i have everything crossed for u xxx
  • Good luck hun, sorry for your loss

  • Hope everything went well x
  • Thanks ladies! It was very sad tbh, the sonographer was lovely but the amount of scutters sat in the waiting room f'ing and blinding. One bloke even walked in wearing a t-shirt saying thank god for beer and drugs and was moaning to his pg lady that he could have stayed in bed. At 4 in the afternoon!

    Makes me mad how they don't appreciate what they have! Just makes me wonder why my baby?! But I guess there's never gonna be an explanation so onwards and upwards eh?!

    Thanks for the well wishes ladies!

    Lots of babydust to you all!
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